The Sleeping Habits Of Horses

What are the sleeping habits of horses

Do you have a horse that you hardly ever see sleeping? Do you wonder how much time your horse spends sleeping? Horses do not need as much time for sleeping as humans do. Horses have three unique sleeping habits that keep them energized and alert. The first way that horses get rest is by dozing. … Read more

How To Make Your Cat Sleep At Night

How to make your cat sleep at night

Why doesn’t your cat sleep at night? The answer to this is quite simple: cats are similar to other predators and sleep by day and hunt at night. They often sleep up to 16 hours a day, only to spend the remaining 8 hours hunting. This, however, can become very annoying, especially if you have … Read more

Why Do Dogs Sleep on Beds

Why do dogs sleep on beds

You may ask yourself, “Why does my dog sleep on my bed?” You may be surprised to find there are three reasons for this actually. All of the reasons dogs sleep on beds have to do with natural instinct from when dogs were wild animals. If you, simply don’t mind this all is well. But … Read more

Where Should the Puppy Sleep?

Where should your puppy sleep

When a new puppy is brought in as a new member of the family, most of the members of the family wish to have it sleep on the bed. This can be very harmless when the puppy is small. However, old habits rarely die, and the dog will get used to sleeping on the bed. … Read more

What to Do If Puppy Won’t Sleep

What to do if your puppy won't sleep

Puppies are newborn dog babies and are expected to wake up many times during the night, much like a human baby. However, there are times when the puppies fail to sleep even a bit. This calls for the puppy owner to train the puppy on how to sleep. How can one train the puppy to … Read more

How to Deal with Your Dog’s Sleeping Problems

How to deal with your dog's sleeping problems

Is your dog experiencing problems sleeping at night? This is a rather common problem seen most frequently in older dogs. When the lights go out, your dog may wander around the house and become generally restless and uneasy. If your dog is accustomed to sleeping in the same room with you, this can cause disruptions … Read more

How to Teach Puppies to Sleep Properly

How to teach puppies to sleep properly

Getting new puppies can be intriguing and exciting, yet daunting at the same time, particularly if you’ve never dealt with cute, little puppies before. It’s so enthralling to bring puppies home, play with them, embrace them and even feed them. However, this excitement is often tainted when you realize that getting a good night’s sleep … Read more