Will Sponge Rollers Damage Your Hair

Woman with curly hair

For those with fine or damaged hair, styling is a challenge. Heat is the last thing you want to use on your hair, but if it’s not curled, straightened up, or blow-dried, it tends to look a little rough and wild. We all know that using heating tools for drying, curling, or straightening can damage … Read more

How to Use Velcro Rollers Without Damaging Your Tresses

A woman with blue Velcro rollers on hair

Velcro rollers are often overlooked as an option for hair curling, but it shouldn’t be. Do Velcro rollers damage hair? It might seem like a less professional alternative to curling your hair, but it can save your tresses from heat damage. The humble hair styling tool can easily create voluminous curls or small ringlets – … Read more

3 Unexpected Benefits of Sunscreen

3 Unexpected Benefits of Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a summer essential, but there are a few reasons you should be wearing it all year long! Sure, avoiding a painful sunburn is the chief reason we use sunscreen lotions and sprays, but there are benefits outside avoiding turning the color of a freshly-boiled lobster! Want to know more? We’ve put together a … Read more

9 Perfect Wellness Spots To Visit On Your Next U.S. Trip

Wellness retreats became a more progressively popular travel trend, and it’s quite straightforward to see why. With the coming holidays permits you to head to exciting destinations, and new adventures. From fitness camps, meditation and yoga retreats, digital detoxes, we are at this present day and age where healthy travel is being promoted. Moreover, the … Read more

Unwind at One of the 5 Best Spas in Napa

Unwind at One of the 5 Best Spas in Napa

Napa Valley is one of the premier destinations in the world for wine lovers, food connoisseurs, and leisure travelers. The beautiful countryside landscapes also make Napa the perfect place to unwind. If you’re planning a trip to Napa Valley and want to find a relaxing way to spend your day, try visiting one of the … Read more