Choosing the Best Alarm Clock

A modern digital alarm clock

Alarm clocks and their usage is decreasing day by day as people now rely on their smartphones to wake them up. Many people nowadays feel incomplete if they don’t have a smartphone with them. But what they don’t realize is that keeping a phone on the nightstand closer to the head and … Read more

Tips for Photo Journaling Your Trips Abroad

With the technology that we have today, it seems like taking photos are part of our everyday lives, particularly when we travel. We can’t blame you, who doesn’t like documenting fun times, exquisite views, delicious foods, and making them more memorable? One of the best ways to remember a fun getaway or a … Read more

Who Invented Modern Clock?

Who Invented Modern Clock

Since 3,500 BC, clocks have helped us measure and show time and since then we have been measuring it in different ways with the use of candle clocks, sundials, water clocks, and hourglasses. And today, we use a base-60 time system which means there is a 60-minute and 60-second increment clock. But … Read more

What Countries Use Daylight Savings Time?

What Countries Use Daylight Savings Time?

The use of Daylight Savings Time has been quite a controversy but most of the world, except for the countries that are located near the Equator have used or currently are using DST. Today, almost 70 countries in the world useDaylight Saving Time in at least a portion of the country. But … Read more

History of Greenwich Mean Time

History of Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich mean time or GMT is the mean solar time or the clock time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. The time there remains the same all year round and it is not affected by Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time changes. GMT is often used by English speakers as a … Read more

Online Countdown Timers

CountDown Timer

A countdown timer is a useful tool for several activities. It’s basically used to count backwards towards a specific time, date, or other deadline. Think of it as a digital clock running backwards towards the time for a certain event. History The earliest uses of countdown timers were also based on some … Read more

Business Days Calculator

Business Days Calculator

What does it mean when someone says that your work would be completed within 14 working days or 14 business days? Precisely, this is a common way of saying that excluding the non-working days such as Sunday or in some countries, Saturday also, your work would be done. For example, if you … Read more

What is Sidereal Time?

You’ve heard of standard time, aka solar time, but what the heck is sidereal time?  Isn’t time just time/ Yes it is but its all about how you measure it. Simply put, it is responsible for measuring the rotation of the Earth relative to the stars instead of the sun. Astronomers use … Read more

What Does AM and PM Stand for?

Some countries use the 12-hour time format including the United States. This clock format also includes the abbreviations, AM and PM. Before the modern era, the only way to tell the time is by the sun’s position. Now, we are using digital clocks to track our daily activities, as well as to … Read more

The History of Time Zones

The History of Time Zones

Looking back to the time when clocks were non-existent, people used different devices such as sundials and water clocks to tell what time it is. In the 17th century, the pendulum was invented but it wasn’t that accurate especially when being used at sea. That is the reason why the Chronometer was … Read more