Why Do Cats Sleep In The Sun

Cats are curious animals. Even if you have owned cats for many years, there is always something new to learn from your furry companion. Look closely and you will notice that when it’s time for your cat to take a cat nap that he will most likely seek out the sunniest spot in the house, such as the window sill, a sunny spot on the couch, or in another location where the sun spills into the room. While it may seem as though cats are trying to catch some rays to deepen their tan, what is the real reason why they like to sleep in the sun?

Cats Need to Feel Comfortable Too!

When humans need to go to sleep, they follow a certain ritual that consists of pulling the covers over themselves and snuggling down into their bed before they can drop off to sleep. Cats also have a sleeping routine that they like to follow in order to feel more comfortable.

Cats are mammals. This means a certain percentage of their fuel intake goes toward keeping themselves at a comfortable temperature. Cats’ body temperature drops slightly while they sleep. As a result, cats need to feel warm and secure before they can drift off to sleep, which is why they will usually seek out a sunny location in the home to take a cat nap, even if it looks anything but cozy.

Conserve Energy

Sleeping in the sun and staying toasty warm actually helps conserve energy for cats while they are inactive during a nap. According to the Way of Cats Blog, sleeping in the sun helps to offset the drop in basal metabolism that occurs when a cat shuts down during a catnap.

Alternative Heat Sources

If the sun is not shining, your cat will look for alternative sources of heat, such as an electric lamp, fluffy fleece blankets, and even your car’s engine. Staying warm and comfortable during a cat nap will help your cat sleep more soundly.

Sleeping in the sun is a common trait in cats, as they seek out the toastiest location in the home, whether that is the window sill, rug, or couch. The reason why cats sleep in the sun is in order to conserve energy while they sleep, as their body temperature drops. The sun helps them to feel comfortable and secure before they are able to drift off to sleep.


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