How Much Sleep Does My Dog Need

How much sleep does my dog need

Why does Fido sleep so much? We can make educated guesses. Science has only scratched the surface of human sleep patterns, to say nothing of canine cycles. Parallels do exist between both species. Most importantly, a minimum number of hours spent sleeping is essential to both canine and human health. Key Differences … Read more

Do Puppies Dream When They Sleep?

Do puppies dream when they sleep

This is a very interesting question that may have crossed the minds of most dog owners out there. Do puppies dream when they sleep? As none of us are puppies, we can’t give you a definitive answer. What we can do though is find facts that may suggest they do or don’t … Read more

Puppies and Their Need for Sleep

What should you know about puppies and their need for sleep

Very much like a human baby, puppies need a large amount of sleep during the day as well as the night. The amount of sleep the puppy needs varies greatly between the vast amount of dog breeds. Some owners like to buy a crate for their puppies as it gives them more … Read more

Understanding Your Puppy’s Sleeping Habits

What should you know about your puppy's sleeping habits

As a dog owner myself, you may wonder about the sleeping habits of dogs, more specifically, puppies. It is not unusual for a puppy to be restless when first bought him. The information that follows will help you understand your puppy’s sleeping habits. Very much like a human baby, puppies need a … Read more