Do Puppies Dream When They Sleep?

This is a very interesting question that may have crossed the minds of most dog owners out there. Do puppies dream when they sleep? As none of us are puppies, we can’t give you a definitive answer. What we can do though is find facts that may suggest they do or don’t dream.

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed your puppy twitching or moving in their sleep which would suggest they dream, some even growling or yelping much like a person talking or moving in their sleep. In fact, structurally, dog’s brains and human brains are quite similar, and the brain patterns noticed when humans sleep can also be witnessed when analyzing puppy sleeping habits. This simple connection suggests puppies do dream if their brain activity is so similar to humans, then they must go through the same phases of REM, non-REM sleep.

Actually, from researching the internet, a lot of animals that are more simple-minded and less sophisticated than dogs are known to dream so it would indeed be a strange revelation if we found out man’s best friend doesn’t dream. Even small animals like rats and hamsters have been proven to dream. The experiment wasn’t completely flawless but in essence, they taught the rats to work through a puzzle whilst analyzing their brain patterns, and then later on when the rat was sleeping and in REM phase, they found the same patterns of electrical waves coming from the brain as earlier during the day. This suggests the rats were dreaming about the maze.

It’s quite hard for us to know for sure unless we properly analyze their brains, but curiosity doesn’t seem like a plausible enough reason to put the dogs under so much stress. In conclusion, we can all make up our minds as to whether puppies dream when they sleep at night. As well as being a very interesting question, it is usually very funny to watch, as well.