Ways Other Countries Celebrate Their Independence

All over the world, different countries celebrated their independence that include holidays and other cultural traditions. While the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day with barbecues, fireworks, and parades. Some countries like to celebrate by climbing greased palm trees, joining in competitive kite flying, and maybe even demonstrating their unique … Read more

Celebrating Whit Sunday

Celebrating Whit Sunday

In different parts of the world, Pentecost or Whit Sunday has become a traditional day where baptism takes place. During this day, people enjoy picnics, outings to the country, and some family gatherings. In Poland, Whit Sunday or Pentecost is called “The Green Holiday” and during this holiday, the locals in Poland … Read more

National Punctuation Day

Punctuation Day

Punctuation marks are important because they are particularly useful in giving a written language clarity and comprehension. One wrong punctuation mark in a sentence or paragraph can give it a different meaning. With this, did you know that there is an annual holiday being celebrated especially for punctuation marks? National Punctuation Day … Read more

Lammas Day

Great harvest of grains

Grains are essential in our lives because many foods are made from it. It is one of the important ingredients for cooking and is also nutritional for our body. To give appreciation to the great harvest of grains, a feast is created and it is called Lammas Day. Lammas Day or “loaf-mass … Read more

Day of the Sea, Bolivia

Beach in Bolivia

The Day of the Sea or El Dia del Mar is a celebration dedicated for Bolivians to claim back their country’s coastline from Chile. The special day is spent with Bolivia’s president, school children, war veterans and fellow countrymen having a moment of silence while listening to the sound of the shore’s … Read more