What is Sleepwalking and How Do You Stop It?

What is sleepwalking and how do you stop it

Sleepwalking is one of the most bizarre sleeping disorders that are characterized by frequent walking, talking, sitting, and even urinating episodes. Sleepwalking is a phenomenon where the victims are not in utter control of their actions or completely aware of their surroundings. Although sleepwalking may be a rather intriguing and laughable ailment, … Read more

Understanding Sleep Talking

What should you understand about sleep talking

One of the weirdest habits people have is they talk while asleep, and they don’t remember that they talked when they get out of bed. Weird habits when sleeping might seem as something funny, however, it’s an abnormal condition. Here you will get to know more about this condition, its causes, as … Read more

Sleeping Disorders and the Progesterone Link

What are the affects of the Progesterone link

Progesterone is a powerful hormone. While most notably associated with pregnancy, progesterone is the hormone that is most often attributed to a fluctuation in a woman’s mood, emotions, and the degree to which physical activity can be performed. More profound than this is the effect progesterone may have on a woman’s wake … Read more

Remedies for Bedwetting

What are some remedies for bedwetting

There are many adults across the world who have reported having the problem of wetting their beds. Bedwetting is not new at all among adults just like it is in children. When one notices they have the problem, they should visit the doctor to ascertain that it is not a major health … Read more