What Happens When You Don’t Sleep?

an old man depressed and sleep-deprived

In today’s busy and fast-moving world, a day with 24 hours isn’t enough for people to properly cater to their body’s needs. An average adult, who’s working hard to keep their family well-fed, or a student, who’s studying round the clock to maintain their grades, may care about their diet or exercise routine, but what … Read more

What is Sleepwalking and How Do You Stop It?

What is sleepwalking and how do you stop it

Sleepwalking is one of the most bizarre sleeping disorders that are characterized by frequent walking, talking, sitting, and even urinating episodes. Sleepwalking is a phenomenon where the victims are not in utter control of their actions or completely aware of their surroundings. Although sleepwalking may be a rather intriguing and laughable ailment, it can incur … Read more

Sleeping Disorders and the Progesterone Link

What are the affects of the Progesterone link

Progesterone is a powerful hormone. While most notably associated with pregnancy, progesterone is the hormone that is most often attributed to a fluctuation in a woman’s mood, emotions, and the degree to which physical activity can be performed. More profound than this is the effect progesterone may have on a woman’s wake and sleep cycles, … Read more

Sleep Myoclonus – Waking Up with a Start. Do You Twitch or Jerk as You Drift Off to Sleep

Do you twitch or jerk as you drift off to sleep

Sleep Myoclonus is a benign condition that causes an arm or leg to twitch when a person begins to fall asleep. That’s enough to wake up someone who is trying to fall asleep. Doctors refer to the condition as “sleep starts” or “Sleep Myoclonus.” The Condition. Many people notice, just as they are starting to … Read more

Nocturnal Groaning – Sleep Disorder, Parasomnia or Anatomical Complication

Nocturnal Groaning – Sleep Disorder, Parasomnia or Anatomical Complication

Abnormal sleep patterns are common for many adults. In fact, in today’s society, it has become increasingly difficult to discern what is normal and what is abnormal in terms of sleep. For individuals who suffer from complications with sleep talking and sleepwalking, the challenges of the parasomnias may affect not only their quality of sleep … Read more

Living With Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Syndrome

What is it like living with non-24 hour sleep-wake syndrome

Most people have never heard of non-24 hour sleep-wake syndrome. That is because only an incredibly small number of people actually suffer from this disorder. Non-24 hour sleep-wake syndrome is a type of sleep disorder. More specifically, it is a type of circadian rhythm disorder. For those who don’t live with non-24 hour sleep-wake syndrome, … Read more

Brain Hemispheres Fall Asleep At Varying Levels – Implications In Sleep Disorders

Brain Hemispheres Fall Asleep At Varying Levels – Implications In Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders continue to eat away at the financial welfare of many adults. As a leading cause of seeking medical attention and the use of prescription sleep aids, many adults struggle day in, and day out, to find the right balance of medication and controlled, quality sleep. The best remedy, for most individuals with sleep … Read more

Sleep Paralysis Associated With Terrifying Hallucinations

Is sleep paralysis associated with terrifying hallucinations

Sleep paralysis, according to experts at Stanford University, is a sleep disorder in which sleepers cannot perform voluntary movements upon the onset of sleep or upon the awakening from sleep. Fortunately, this troublesome ordeal is not harmful in of itself; sleep paralysis, however, has been correlated to narcolepsy, a sleep disorder where one naps uncontrollably … Read more