Why is sleep so important for children?

Why is sleep so important for children

Sleep is a basic need.  It is important for our health because when we are asleep, our body repairs and restores itself. Sleep is not less important than food and drink in the lives of children. Sleep is more important than you think. Most of the children are having a really busy … Read more

The Importance of a Good Sleep Routine for Children

What is the importance of a good sleep routine for children

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute tell us, “Sleep, like diet and exercise, is important for our minds and bodies to function normally. In fact, sleep appears to be required for survival. Rats deprived of sleep die within two to three weeks, a time frame similar to death due to starvation.” … Read more

How to Get Sleep with Infant Twins

How can parents of infant twins still get sleep

Any woman who has ever been pregnant with twins knows that the pregnancy is overwhelmed with one thought: “How am I going to get through this?” There are so many things to consider when you are expecting twins, from birth to graduation. But the closer to the due date a mom becomes, … Read more

Never Put a Baby to Sleep on an Air Mattress

Why should babies never sleep on an air mattress

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning parents and other adults this holiday season, and around the year, not to place an infant to sleep on an air mattress. As many travel and/or have guests during the holidays, the CPSC wants to be sure that people are aware of the … Read more

Good Baby Sleep Habits

Good Baby Sleep Habits

Baby Sleeping Problems How to Make Baby Sleep all Through the Night How much sleep should babies get? What products help babies to sleep? Why is sleep so important for babies? Should I Ever Allow My Baby To Sleep On Their Belly My Baby Rolled Over In Her Sleep! A New Mom’s … Read more

Encouraging Good Baby Sleeping Habits

What are the best sleeping habits for babies

Good sleeping habits are incredibly important to all age groups but even more so for babies as they need it to develop and grow physically and mentally. Although good sleeping habits in all babies are generally the same, there are some notable differences when they get to particular maturities of development. Newborn … Read more