Insomnia – Cool the Brain to Help Chill Out and Fall Asleep

Insomnia – Cool the Brain to Help Chill Out and Fall Asleep

“My brain just won’t turn off.” That’s how it feels for many people suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems. The body, and even the mind, can feel totally exhausted. But once the person lays down to go to sleep, it’s as though the brain jumps into overdrive. Now scientists have found that this “racing … Read more

How To Improve Sleep With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How to improve sleep with chronic fatigue syndrome

Most people feel tired after a long day at work, but for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue is their constant companion. This baffling syndrome affects around four out of every thousand people and causes a multitude of sometimes disabling symptoms such as muscle and joint pains, dizziness, depression, and, of course, fatigue. One factor … Read more

Cause, Symptoms And Treatment Of Insomnia – Overcoming The Restless Nights

How to overcome the restless nights of insomnia

“I can’t sleep. Why can’t I fall asleep? It’s 5 am and I need to be up in three hours. I’ve tried everything and I can’t sleep. Why is this happening to me every night?” If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Over half of all adults experience insomnia at some point in their … Read more

Symptoms And Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

What are the symptoms and effects of sleep deprivation

Many teenagers, when they go away to college for the first time, will find college to be a true learning experience. Not only are they starting their further education, but they are also learning to live on their own. They no longer have to follow anyone’s rules and many don’t know which rules they should … Read more

Sleep Deprivation Delays Wound Healing

Did you know that sleep deprivation can delay wound healing

Without proper sleep, the body can not recover and rejuvenate for the next day. Sleep deprivation is a stress-induced complication but can also lead to additional stress upon the body. For individuals who suffer from injury, sleep deprivation can have an adverse effect on the healing and recovery process. Wound healing is a complex physiological … Read more

Sleep Deprivation Damages Your Mental Health

Did you know that sleep deprivation can damage your mental health

While it is true that not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, everyone needs whatever for them is ‘enough.’ ‘Enough’ means that the sleep is adequate to rest the body and allow the mind a needed recess from the necessary activities of consciousness that preoccupy most of our waking hours. Not getting enough sleep … Read more