Helping Toddlers Fall Asleep

How to get your toddler to fall asleep

Kids need their sleep in order to grow and stay healthy. Unfortunately, much like adults, they sometimes have a difficult time falling asleep and sleeping through the night. It is frustrating as a parent when you have a child who’s obviously tired and just can’t seem to fall asleep. You feel helpless… … Read more

Why Do Children Have Trouble Sleeping?

Why do children have trouble sleeping

Approximately more than a quarter of the global adult population experience sleeping problems. So, it’s quite unsurprising to discover that an alarming number of toddlers have difficulty sleeping. Adults, and toddlers alike, have incorporated irregular and quite arduous sleep routines that literally rob them of graceful and fulfilling slumber. Come to think … Read more

How to Help Your Autistic Child Go to Sleep

How can you help your autistic child fall asleep

As a parent of a child with Autism one of the most difficult and exhausting things you may ever experience is the child’s inability to go to sleep and stay asleep. You may experience sleepless nights that you feel you may not be able to endure while your newly diagnosed Autistic three-year-old … Read more

How Can Children Sleep So Much?

How are children able to sleep so much How can children sleep so much

Age-appropriate recommendations When you talk about children getting sleepy, you are always curious about the right amount of time they should sleep each night. Although medical science has advanced to levels beyond, the question about the sleep time of children is yet not answered. Some doctors and psychiatrists try to calm down … Read more