Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Candles

Woman holding the lighted candle in a glass container

A candle is a flammable wick embedded in a flammable solid substance such as tallow or wax to provide light. In some cases, candles are used for fragrance. A candle has been used in earlier times as a method of measuring time or for heat. The first candles were made from tallow … Read more

Dangers Associated with Sleeping with Curlers

Woman putting curlers in her hair

A hair curler or hair roller is a small tube that is rolled over a person’s hair to curl, straighten the curls, or create a new hairstyle. The diameter of the curler varies from 0.8 inches to 1.5 inches. Firstly, the hair is heated and then tightened around the curler. It breaks … Read more

How did early Egyptians sleep?


Sleep is a vital part of optimal human health. It allows the mind and body to recharge, providing you with renewed energy and alertness when you wake up. Proper sleep also helps the body to recuperate from all the physical exertion, keeping it healthy and enabling it to fight off diseases. Yet, … Read more

How did medieval peasants sleep?


Today, it’s normal for us to sleep for seven to nine hours (or if you’re privileged to get that) from evening to morning on a warm bed with comfortable mattress, sheets, pillows, and blankets, inside a secure home that’s free from pests, birds, and other external elements. That isn’t the case for … Read more

Getting the Perfect Curl With Hair Rollers

Get the perfect hair curls with hair rollers

Everybody likes voluminous, curly hair. Good curls can give an instant feel of grace, elegance, and beauty to any outfit. However, it can be very difficult to get curls without using a curling iron. Even then, constantly using heat on your hair can damage them. Hair rollers are the perfect method to … Read more

Creative Ways to Wake Up Early

A picture that says “wake up and live”

Have you ever seen the sunrise, heard the birds sing, or walked on wet, green grass while the cold and refreshing breeze run through your face? If you are a morning person, you know what we are talking about. Early morning could have such a visible impact on your day that you … Read more

Helping Toddlers Fall Asleep

How to get your toddler to fall asleep

Kids need their sleep in order to grow and stay healthy. Unfortunately, much like adults, they sometimes have a difficult time falling asleep and sleeping through the night. It is frustrating as a parent when you have a child who’s obviously tired and just can’t seem to fall asleep. You feel helpless… … Read more

Teenagers Can Learn Good Sleeping Habits

Did you know that teenagers can also learn good sleeping habits

Perhaps this is a common occurrence for you if you have a teenager. As the alarm rings for the third time, you walk into your teenager’s room and find him dead to the world. Waking a 14-year-old boy at 6:45 am is no small task. You may set the alarm but debate … Read more

Sleeping Habits and Why They Are So Important

Why are sleeping habits so important

You have inadvertently stumbled upon this site in the hope of improving yours or loved ones sleeping habits and how to sleep properly, which could possibly be the best decision you could make. This website is dedicated to showing you how to sleep better and how to practice good sleep hygiene. Healthy … Read more

How To Get More Energy From Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep

How to get more energy from less than 6 hours of sleep

If you love sleeping, you may also love being awake a little bit more. The old cliche, “there’s not enough hours in the day,” is true if you sleep from ten at night to eight in the morning and still don’t feel rested. Many people want to actually decrease the number of … Read more