Casinos Don’t Have Clocks and Here’s Why

Have you noticed how time flies when you are engaged in an interesting activity? It is quite common and happens mostly when you are in a good company, watching or playing games and having fun. The real-life example of this scenario is a physical casino – a place where you purposefully lose track of time while gambling. 

In the world of phones and smartwatches, the thought of looking for a wall clock to track time is rare. However, in the places like casinos, where you are too busy to even reach for the cell phone; you would not find a clock anywhere upon searching for one either. Wondering why? This post will answer your question, just read till the end.

The Purpose of No-Clock Casinos 

The Purpose of No-Clock Casinos

Las Vegas is known as the home of largest, most lavish, elaborating, fascinating and craziest casinos through the world. But, you won’t see any wall clock and windows in them. 

Imagine yourself sitting on a poker table and looking at the clock every now and then because you have already set a time limit. What will happen next? A loss to the business. Losing the sense of time is a planned tactic used by casinos to keep you captivated by the game. 

The main purpose of no-clock casinos is obvious – to take away the sense of time. Moreover:

  • While gambling, the player wouldn’t worry about getting late either by looking at the clock or gazing through the window to guess the time by the daylight.
  • Just like any other businesses, casinos also want to make money. The amount of time the player will be spending inside would ultimately benefit the business.

Surprising Tactics of Casino Owners to Buy Your Time and Attention 

Surprising Tactics of Casino Owners to Buy Your Time and Attention

The evolution of gambling industry has successfully distorted reality to ensure that their customers play more and spend more. Studies show that; casinos are designed in a way that the place itself can manipulate human brains to keep them engrossed. 

Here are a few common things that casino-owners do to grab your undivided attention. 

Adding Unavoidable Distractions in the Setup 

There is something extraordinary and luxuriating about stepping in a casino mainly because of the atmosphere, sounds and flashing lights. Besides, being welcomed by the sweet aroma and beaming illuminants seems nothing lesser than a slice of heaven.

And do you know what? Nothing is accidental. The whole setup is planned.

The clever designs of casinos make sure to play with human psychology, and you will be shocked to know how. Below is the breakdown of some distractions that are installed in a such setups to keep you busy enough to look for a wall clock.

Comfortable Atmosphere 

What is that one thing in a place that can glue you for hours? It surely is the comfort, and casinos are fully equipped with the element. Casino owners understand that little space can irritate or frustrate the players and make them leave early. That is why, the space is utilized quite effectively. While looking around the hall, you will be able to see a large number of table games and slots. Everything is placed in such a way that every player has given privacy and space to play the game with comfort. 

Even the bathrooms are accessorized with luxurious adornments for ladies to feel exquisite while fixing their makeup.

The Combination of Lights and Music 

Music has the power to soothe a heart and mind, while lights add to the tranquility through sight. However, a combination of both can actually be mesmerizing, and the environment created inside the casino is a true example. 

Next time if you visit a casino, noticed that you won’t realize when the song running in the background changed. Well, that’s because the tracks don’t have lyrics generally, and they are quite similar in tempo, ensuring a seamless change between the tracks. This is done on-purpose, so the player can’t realize how much time he spent already. In addition to this, soothing light settings make you forget all about the outside world and dance on the beats.

Selection of Background Music 

Playing an entire album of tracks in casinos can be bad for the business as the players may realize the passing time when the first song will start playing again. Therefore, they carefully pick the songs and make sure that the volume is not too loud. Wondering why? 

It allows the gamblers to chat and interact without any musical interruption. Moreover, not everyone is comfortable with loud music. It can cause them a headache or discomfort, and eventually they will leave earlier.

The Effect of Lighting 

The overall lighting in casinos  are purposely dim and soothing to the eyes. In addition, the bright and colorful beams from the slot machines aim to beautify the setup even more, leaving a pleasant effect on the mood.

Usually, the ceiling is equipped with small lights to give it an impression of night sky with twinkling stars. 

Maze Like Design 


The design of casinos is similar to a maze where anyone can get lost in the countless rows of gaming machines. It is literally impossible to walk a few feet without reaching to another machine. 

The structure is quite similar to the merchandising layouts where you have to make your way turning and twisting through the rows to get anywhere. So, even if you realize about getting late, know that the distractions on the way to exit are hard to resist.

Free Drinks

Casinos frequently offer free drinks to the players, and if you think it is out of their heart’s goodness, then you are mistaken. First of all, keep in mind that offering alcoholic drinks is never a sign of care and goodness. The plan is to make the player feel good about getting something for free, even if they are losing the game. Another great tactic to make the customers stay longer.

Equipped With Everything You Might Need 

Feeling hungry while playing? Get snacks from the bar. Need to use the restroom? Casinos have the most luxurious ones. Forgot to bring something you need to play? You can purchase from the counter. In short, everything that you need will be available at the casino properties, so you don’t have to leave the place for any reason. It makes you stay there longer than needed.

Although online casinos have taken over, but the charm of physical ones is undeniable. Despite being aware of all these mindful tricks; customers still visit casinos for their heart’s content. 

Influence of Casinos on Human Brain

Everything has two sides: a positive one and negative aspect. The same is the case with casinos. Refer to the chart below:

Positive Influences  Negative influences 
Gambling is a great mental exercise. It promotes mental activity and other cognitive functions. It’s addictive. It is not easy to get out of the charm, once you are used to all the bling.
Source of happiness for the players in terms of free drinks and self-empowerment after winning. May end up in depression after losing a game.
You get everything you need under the roof; no hassle of going out again and again. Away from reality. It is an artificial world full of illusions.

Tips to Prevent Losing Track of Time While Gambling 

We have some tried and tested tips for you to escape this attractive trap. So, next time if you happen to walk into a casino, bare these instructions in mind.

  • No clocks in casinos? No problem, wear a wristwatch instead. No one is going to stop you from taking that inside with you. 
  • You can also pull out your smartphone to check time every now and then, in case you don’t usually wear a watch.
  • Put a time limit before entering, then set an alarm on your phone or watch to leave the place on time. 
  • Like time boundary, set a budget limit as well. Once you realize you are losing the game or reaching the winning goal; it’s a good idea to finish the session and try leaving.
  • Another tip is to measure the time with drinks. For instance, remind yourself that you will stay in the casino for just two drinks. Once done, it’s time to go home. 


Walking into a casino is like entering the land of entertainment with no time boundaries. On this land, you won’t find any clock or window to measure time. This is because, the ticking of a clock can interrupt the player’s focus and remind them how long they have been there. Absence of the window is for the same reason as well: you won’t even notice that you came here in the daytime, and it’s already midnight because there is no way to see outside. 

Casinos are created in a manner that the players don’t want to track time either because there is so much interesting happening inside that nobody wants to leave. However, you need to manage your time yourself by following a few easy and effective tips already discussed in the post.

You deserve to enjoy your time, but don’t forget that there is a lot waiting for you in the outside world, your family, responsibilities and work.