Online Alarm Clocks Let You Wake Up to Your Favorite Music

Waking up is difficult for all of us, and sometimes our alarm is the last thing we want to hear, but if you choose a nice tune, waking up can be easy and maybe even pleasant.

Rarely do we ever wake up on time by ourselves! Thus, we often have to set an alarm that can help us get up on time and go about our day. However, most alarms on our phones have a limited number of tunes that we can set, and most of them are too annoying. If you dislike the default tones that come with your alarm, read this article and find out how you can set up alarms with tunes that you like. 

There are a variety of online alarms and apps that you can set up on your phone. You can customize these alarms to play any song you like as your alarm. Thus, you can wake up to some nice music instead of an annoying buzzer sound. 

Benefits to wake up on time

Benefits to wake up on time

When you have to be somewhere or have a lot to do on a certain day, you want to get up early. However, waking up early has a lot of benefits that you can avail. 

Waking up early often results in you having more energy. When you know that you have a day full of work and need to get up early, you automatically go to sleep earlier. Therefore, you can complete all the stages of the sleep cycle. When you wake up after completing the sleep stages, your mental and physical health improves. You also get enough time for tissue repair and regeneration when you are in the deeper stages of sleep.

Waking up on time and sleeping an adequate amount is considered a good habit because it allows you to feel energetic. When you are well-rested, you automatically feel well-rested and are better at being punctual. You also have a better sense of order and in general, feel happy and healthy.

When you make an effort to sleep on time, you are automatically able to wake up when your alarm rings in the morning. Usually, early morning is when most people are active, and it is often the most productive time. Therefore, if you wake up early, you can be more productive and enhance your organizational skills. There are also fewer distractions in the morning, and you can do your work in peace. Additionally, if you start using your brain in intensive tasks earlier in the day, it can help enhance your productivity and organization skills, allowing you to do more in a day.  

Use your Android phone to set an alarm

Use your Android phone to set an alarm

If you own an Android and want to change your alarm to your favorite music, you can do so very easily. All you need is your clock app to do so. Follow these steps to set up your own custom alarm.

  1. Open up the Clock app on your Android phone
  2. Tap the tab that says Alarm. This tab is located at the bottom of the screen
  3. Next, tap the + icon to add an alarm.
  4. Set the time at which you want your alarm to ring. Ensure that you have chosen AM and not PM.
  5. Select OK to save the alarm.
  6. Once you have set your alarm, select the alarm sound to set your tune.
  7. Tap the arrow and then select Add New. Using this option, you can add a sound file from your phone.
  8. Open the File option and choose the sound you want as your alarm.

Once you have completed the steps, just keep your phone nearby as you sleep, and when it is time to wake up, your alarm will play your chosen tune to wake you up.

Wake up to tunes from Youtube Music or Pandora

Wake up to tunes from Youtube Music or Pandora

In the Google Clock app, you now also have the option to add Pandora and Youtube Music as your alarm. This option is only available with the 6.1 version of the app. 

You can access Pandora by downloading the Google Clock app and the Pandora Radio App. Next, open the clock app and navigate to the Alarm tab. From there, select your alarm or add a new one. In the Alarm Sound option, choose your favorite station. You can even tap the station to preview the alarm. Return to the Alarm tab and save your changes. 

You can add Youtube Music in the same way. You just need the Youtube Music app installed and select Youtube Music and your favorite song under the Alarm Sound option. 

Using these methods, you can use online resources to mix up your alarm and add in new and fun tunes that will help make your mornings more pleasant and less stressful. 

Set up Spotify songs as alarms on iOS and Android devices

Set up Spotify songs as alarms on iOS and Android devices

If you are an avid Spotify user all your favorite songs are probably already saved on the app. Therefore, if you need a new alarm, what is better than going through your favorite playlist and choosing one to help wake you up in the morning. Here is how to set up a Spotify song as an alarm on iPhone. 

  • Ensure you have Spotify Premium and internet to load your desired song
  • Download Alarm Clock for Spotify on your phone
  • Open your Spotify account on the app and log in. Tap anywhere on the screen to do so.
  • Choose Alarms and then select the Add. This option allows you to create a new alarm. 
  • The next step is to set the time.
  • Once you have chosen your time, go to Playlist and select Add in the upper right corner. 
  • Choose the song that you want as your alarm.
  • Once you have selected, tap on the Done option to set the alarm. 

You can also set up an online alarm clock on an Android device. Here is how to do it.

  • Download the SpotOn app.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account. Make sure that it is a premium account.
  • Tap on the option that says Wake. This option allows you to create a new alarm. 
  • Select the time you want your alarm to ring.
  • Select the Tap to Select Music button to choose your song.
  • Once you have picked your song, your alarm is set.

Onlive Clock

Having an online alarm clock with music is one of the best ways to wake up as it makes waking up almost enjoyable. There are many sites where you can set up an online alarm clock with music, such as Onlive Clock. This clock allows a simple and add-free interface that is customizable. Thus, you can change it to look like anything you want. There is a gear icon at the bottom where you can change up all the settings and choose whatever, color, style, and sound you want. You can even select the frame icon available in the lower right corner. This option allows you to go into full-screen mode, which makes the clock easy to read.

MetaClock- Social Online Alarm Clock

MetaClock is another online alarm clock that allows you complete control over your alarm, how it looks, and the sound that it plays. Here is how you can set up this online alarm clock with music.

  • Click on the digital clock that is shown in the center.
  • Type in the time that you want to set as the alarm.
  • You have the option to change the default YouTube video to whatever video you like.
  • Change the setting to what suits you best.
  • Click on the Set Alarm Clock

Color-Coded Alarms: TimeMe

If you want to keep things simple with your alarms then the color-coded alarm by TimeMe is a great option. It keeps things simple and has a few useful features that allow you to make the most of this alarm. TimeMe is also one of the very few alarms that enable you to set up multiple alarms. You can set up to 25 alarms and color code them. There is also an option to set them in a cycle so that they ring timely.

The default settings of TimeMe display the clock as large blue numbers over a white background. The settings allow you to customize anything beneath it. You can add other time zones, give the clock a name, change the number, color, size, etc. 

TimeMe also allows you to save your clock settings, so that you can use ut again later when you need to. 


Waking up on time is important but waking up peacefully is equally as important. If you wake up in a rush disgruntled by the noise then you may not feel the benefits, as compared to when you wake up peacefully. When you set up your own music as your alarm, it is a surefire way that you will wake up to something you enjoy. This will help you feel much more excited about the prospects of the day.

The article above lists many online clocks that allow you the liberty of choosing your own music so that your mornings can be a lot more fruitful.