Business Days Calculator

What does it mean when someone says that your work would be completed within 14 working days or 14 business days? Precisely, this is a common way of saying that excluding the non-working days such as Sunday or in some countries, Saturday also, your work would be done. For example, if you have given an application that requires 14 business days for acceptance. Assume that it is the first day of the month and it is a Monday. Now, 14 business days means that on the 16th day of the month, your application would be accepted. Why is there a two-day gap? It is because 2 of the Sundays are not counted in for working days or business days.

Normal days vs Business Days

In modern world and practical life situations involving office work, business days have a much higher importance compared to normal days. The work is done within working days period therefore the normal days are not to be counted if a deadline has been given. Any official work is done in accordance with business days. Business days exclude weekends as well as other public holidays too. Different countries have different laws according to which business days and holidays are decided. For example, the weekly holiday in the US is on Sunday whereas in the Middle east Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia it is on Friday.

The Problems

At times it becomes quite difficult to calculate the business days and the addition in the current date is not easy because you have to skip out a few days in between. For this purpose, there is a tool called business days calculator. Even though it is not very popular but it still has its own importance and has a need by the people too. Many people are actually contused when talking about pregnancy leaves as they are concerned about how many business days would they leave for. Since pay cuts are on number of days an employee is off the work, therefore calculating the exact number of days becomes a tough task. There isn’t a specific number of days provided which means a specific difference in the current date and planned date is required.

Business Days Calculator

For this purpose, you can use the business days calculator and find out the exact date easily. One such online tool is available our site There are various different tools over available which also includes the business days calculator. All you need to do here is to mention the start date and the end date which can be marked with the provided calendar too. In the next step, you have three options to choose from. The option weekends subtracts Saturdays and Sundays from the two days and tells you the remaining number of days. The option of “All days of the week” tells you the number of days between the two dates and not deducting the holidays. The third option is custom which allows you to tick mark the days of the week which you need to deduct. The remaining days are counted between the dates provided and an answer is given.


The tool is a great one and is available at and can be used for multiple purposes. It is helpful in calculating business days according to your requirements in an accurate way. Do visit the link given above and find out how well this tool works. Do give it a good try and use the other tools too.