Why is sleep so important for children?

Sleep is a basic need.  It is important for our health because when we are asleep, our body repairs and restores itself. Sleep is not less important than food and drink in the lives of children. Sleep is more important than you think.

Most of the children are having a really busy schedule nowadays. Their schedule includes:

  • School
  • Playing with friends
  • Sports practice or other activities
  • Doing homework

After all these tiring events, the body and brain of children need some rest and sleep. Sleep allows your brain to remember what you learned during the day. You can concentrate and pay better attention and make new ideas. When you sleep your body can stay healthy and fight sickness. By having the proper amount of sleep, muscles and bones can grow. Sleep allows your body to rest for the next day. Children ages 5 to 10 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. If they can’t get enough sleep then they will be:

  • Rude with brothers and sisters and even with their friends and parents.
  • Irritated and in a bad mood.
  • Having trouble listening to teachers and parents.
  • Forget what they learned.

Sleep and Growth:

Sleeping problems not only disturb a child’s night but also disturb their days by making them less mentally alert, lazy, and unable to concentrate. They can easily be distracted. If we call sleep a time to grow for children then it would not be wrong. If children don’t sleep then their body will not grow and the rest which the body of a child requires to grow will not be produced. Lack of sleep also disturbs mental development as well as physical development. A child who has a proper sleep is happier and healthier than the one who is deprived of sleep.

Parental sleep is very vital for the health of children. If parents get enough sleep then they will be more capable of handling and taking care of their child. During the night, if your child wakes up every now and then, this will cause a disturbance in your sleep and the child will also suffer.

Sleep Tips:

To help your child get proper sleep, follow the tips given below. Tips are divided according to the age of the child:

For Newborns:

  • Observe the signs which baby shows when he is about to sleep.
  • Before the child is asleep, put him in his bed or bassinette so that he can sleep well.
  • Make baby sleep on his back with the face pointing upward.

For Infants:

  • Maintain a good schedule for the sleep of infants.
  • Develop a bedtime routine.
  • Provide him with a good sleeping environment.

For preschoolers:

  • Maintain a good sleep schedule.
  • Make your child sleep in a place where there is little noise and is comfortable to sleep.
  • A bedtime story can be helpful in calming and making your child sleepy.

For School-aged Children:

  • Tell them about healthy sleep habits.
  • Provide your child with a good sleeping environment.
  • The bedroom should be free of electronic devices like TV, laptops, or tablets.
  • Don’t give them caffeine as it can affect their being able to get to sleep.

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