Effects Of Children Sleeping Poorly

How does sleeping poorly effect children

How bad sleeping habits can affect children Good and adequate sleep is a great need for every child. As much as grown-ups do, small children, too, need to get enough sleep each day. During the early childhood stages, the body and the brain are very active and develop at a rapid rate; … Read more

Children Sleeping Problems

Children Sleeping Problems

Most children usually naturally adapt to the normal sleeping patterns of their parents during their first year. They may, however, experience some problems like waking up at midnight, having odd patterns of sleeping, or having problems falling asleep. When the child is able to properly adjust to the normal sleeping routine, it … Read more

Bruxism – When Children Grind Teeth In Their Sleep

What are the negative effects of children grinding their teeth

Definition Do your kids have a bad habit of grinding their teeth during their sleep? Bruxism, also known as the gnashing of teeth, is a condition characterized by incessant grinding of one’s upper and lower teeth. As of 2008, scientists are still unsure as to what causes Bruxism. Some speculate that it … Read more

3 Signs Your Child Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep

What are 3 signs that your child isn't getting enough sleep

Here is an all-too-often occurrence at some people’s homes. An 18-month-old child, who has been sleeping through the night for a long time, suddenly wakes up at 4 am for several mornings in a row. The cause of this early morning rising might come as a surprise to some parents, however. Most … Read more

Encouraging Good Baby Sleeping Habits

What are the best sleeping habits for babies

Good sleeping habits are incredibly important to all age groups but even more so for babies as they need it to develop and grow physically and mentally. Although good sleeping habits in all babies are generally the same, there are some notable differences when they get to particular maturities of development. Newborn … Read more