Online Alarm Clocks – An Innovation of the Era

Alarm clocks, as we know, are designed as a reminder for people at a set specified time. Mainly used to wake people up from sleep, the use alarm clocks have risen over the past many years. Let’s have a look from where it started and where is it right now.

Clocks and Alarms – The beginning

The first-generation clocks were not even clocks as we know them, but they were sundials and hour glasses. With innovation and advancement, Galileo used the idea of swinging bob and motion to represent time. The idea was very popular and worked very well but the first clock was too big to be used by everyone. This was the time of 17th century. In the year 1787, a mechanical alarm clock was designed by Levi Hutchins which only rang at 4am for his job.

The times of development

Later, in the mid 19th century the first electric clock was designed by Edinburgh clockmaker. In the same time, mechanically adjustable alarm clocks were also introduced which worked on the principle of mechanically rotating and tuning the clock to ring after set number of hours. Between the year 1880 and 1884, standardized time zones were created for ease and convenience. Greenwich meridian was considered as an important line for differentiating time zones. 20th century proved to be a major revolution for clocks and alarms whereby electronically adjustable alarms and wall clocks along with wrist watches came into life.

Modern Day Alarms

Today, we have a completely different version of alarms to what was launched initially. Today, smartphones have built-in alarm clocks which cannot only ring at a certain time but can also snooze and ring continuously as per desired settings. All these smart discoveries and inventions have now also led to online alarm clocks.

Online Alarms

Many of you might have even heard it for the first time but yes, online alarm clocks do exist. In a nutshell, you can refer to them as alarms over the internet. Different websites do the job.

How does it work?

All you need to do is to go visit a website of online alarms. For example, you can go to and you will see a very simple interface. The timer will allow you to set the exact time at which the alarm should ring. Your alarm can go off with three different options:

The first option is to go to a website when the timer is up. This means that as soon as your alarm time is there, the browser will be navigated to a different website. You can give the link of a youtube music video or any other online music website which would automatically start playing music as soon as you land on that page.  The idea is quite innovative and helpful for people who don’t just want the regular alarm tones.

The second option is of regular sounds. Just like a normal alarm, these sounds will ring as soon as the timer is up.

The last option is to tune up a radio station. Just mention your favorite radio channel before sleeping and as soon as the timer is up, your favorite radio would be tuned on.


Online alarm clocks are a cool way to get a reminder right on your computer.  If you are in a meeting, and need a unique reminder, want a way to remind you right on screen while working, etc. an online alarm clock is a unique and fun way to set an alarm.