Different types of pokies

The most common and fan favourite type of gambling for real money is online slots. Slots are a machine with a screen and a control panel (physical copies in land-based gambling establishments) or an application with an interactive screen and a control panel (digital copies in online casinos). The player’s task is to set the bet, select the active lines and run the reels, waiting for particular combinations of symbols that will bring rewards.

Three factors influence the performance of a slot machine

  • Volatility – the frequency and size of the wins that fall out;
  • The theoretical percentage of return to the player – a pre-determined ratio of money which the player invests in the game and which he receives as winning in the long run;
  • random number generator – randomly determines the symbols that appear on the reels.

None of these parameters can be influenced by the player. Any change in the vending machine algorithm is illegal and punishable. As a rule, slot manufacturers indicate the theoretical percentage of refunds to the player and, less frequently, the machine’s volatility. Learn more about gambling at https://CanadianBullrun.com !

Three-reel games

An early version of the slot machines most commonly found in land-based venues. The playing field consists of three reels with an available number of prize lines from 1 to 9. As a rule, there are no special symbols (wild or scatter) or bonus games on these slots. Instead, most models have a risk game, where the player can risk their winnings in an attempt to double or quadruple them.

Five-reel games
The most common type of slot machine nowadays. The number of prize lines on these machines ranges from 10 to infinity; some variations have no lines but use the 243 to 2048 prize combination options. Often, five-reel automats are equipped with one or more bonus games. Special symbols – scatter or bonus – must be collected to activate the extra round.

Bonus games include

  • mini-games (Playtech’s Dolphin Cash);
  • free spins;
  • bonus playing fields (Asalto al Banko by MGA);
  • selection of items (Cat in Vegas by Playtech).
  • Often the risk game is also available. Slot machines are available in demo mode with play for credits and real money games.