Why Are There No Windows or Clocks in Las Vegas Casinos?

Las Vegas casinos have no windows or clocks. Ironically, many gamblers in the city are not aware of this phenomenon. However, if you have noticed this anomaly, you may be wondering why the casinos in the greatest gambling city in the world don’t have windows or clocks.

You see, when you gamble online, whether it’s at a casino, betting site or at CS:GO Bettor gambling sites, these types of sites have different strategies to keep their player’s attention. Sometimes they will reward their players by adding regular promotions or prizes, which is not as easily done at a land-based casino.

Las Vegas is the undisputable gambling hub in the world. It is home to the most elaborate, the largest, the craziest, the most ornate, and undoubtedly, the most fascinating casinos you will ever find anywhere. It is the dreamland of most casino gamers who have the means to travel round the world while engaging in their hobby.

In these gambling centres, time stands still, thanks to the absence of windows or clocks. Without a clock to show you how long you have been in the casino or windows through which you can take a look at the sky and have an idea of the time, your sense of time is completely wiped off. The loss of sense of time may keep players in the casino longer than they would naturally intend to.

So, when you are playing in any of these casinos, you are not allowed to think about time. Thus, you can’t set a playing time limit but you will continue playing for as long as you are capable of.

When next time you are visiting a casino in Las Vegas, take a look around the casinos. Don’t be surprised that they don’t have windows and clocks for obvious reasons.

It is indisputable that casinos, like every other business, are set up to make money. Some casinos reportedly add oxygen to the air in the environment, a way to ensure that players don’t get tired and are in the best physical condition to play longer. It is pretty obvious that you can’t keep track of time without a watch. Without a window to show whether it is light or dark outside, you will be glued to your game, oblivious to the passing time.

If you see the time while sitting at a poker table, you may think you are running out of time and may wish to stop playing because it is late already. You may be thinking of going to bed in the next one hour. Without a clock, you won’t be aware of time and won’t see the need to be in a hurry. That means more playing time for you and more money for the casino.

While playing games without a clock to monitor the time and are enticed by the flashing lights, the attractive atmosphere, and perhaps, free drinks to keep you busy, you will feel comfortable and won’t consider leaving the casino so fast. Of course, the melodious songs playing in the background will keep you entertained while playing games in such an ambient environment. That’s what casino owners in Las Vegas want. This explains the rationale behind the absence of windows or clocks in casinos in the Mecca of Gambling.