Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Sleep deprivation is when one goes without enough sleep for a few days or an extended period of time. The body usually uses the moment when one is asleep to refresh and repair itself. Thus, therefore, means that when one is sleep deprived, their body will not have enough time to repair and refresh itself. An average adult requires sleeping between six to eight hours a day. However, with the increased hectic work and social life many people have, this is not achieved and many end up being sleep deprived. Many would not notice whether they are sleep deprived and until they start receiving the common symptoms of a sleep deprived person.

Sleep deprivation is usually as a result of many factors. This involves insomnia, worry, and changes of time zones, family problems, work pressure, medical conditions, sleeping disorders, and even nightmares. The deprivation of sleep can adversely affect the productivity and health of an individual. Companies lose millions due to the mistakes, accidents, and absentees that result due to the sleep deprived workers. Sleep deprived individuals pose a great threat to not only themselves but to others when driving. They experience similar symptoms as persons under the influence of alcohol which have led to numerous deaths on the roads.

Fatigue is one of the major signs that is experienced by a sleep deprived individual. The person may experience memory loss, anxiety, blurred vision, hypertension, clumsiness, decreased energy levels, irritability, slurred speech, slowness in reaction, poor personal and social relationships, and even lack of focus to daily activities. Lack of enough sleep also affects the metabolism of the body resulting in hypertension, diabetes, and excess gain in body weight. When one sees any of the symptoms of sleep deprivation, they should not ignore them as they affect the way one feels with a general negative effect to the body’s performance.

The victim may also have an increased number of illnesses. This may be due to a decreased immune system. The body usually recharges during the night when one is asleep boosting the immune system. This makes it very difficult to get attacked from the common illnesses. When one lacks enough sleep, the immune system is reduced to minimal capacity making one susceptible to common illnesses. Sleep deprived individuals may also show signs of high consumption of carbohydrates, sugars, and caffeine containing diets to help them boost their energy levels. Others may turn to tobacco as their source of energy.

The sleep deprived individual may also get physiological disorders like paranoia, delusion, and hallucinations on top of the medical conditions. The best medicine for individuals who are sleep deprived is getting enough sleep. There are usually many activities that can be used to promote the sleeping patterns of individuals. These activities include correcting the cause of sleep deprivation. When one is dealing with stressing work, they should shift to a job that is less stressful. One can also try relaxing their body, changing their diet, or even changing the sleeping environment. Getting enough sleep means healthy mental and physical growth.