Does your Bed have any of these Mattress Problems?

You might realize how essential a good night’s sleep is when you have had problems falling asleep for a few nights in a row. From a slight headache or body ache to deficient levels of concentration on work the next day – difficulty falling asleep manifests in numerous problems the following day. A good night’s sleep is essential for all the repair works in our body. When we fall asleep, our body gets to work and mends all the things that we exhaust throughout the day.

Hence, no matter how lucrative that another episode of our favorite TV series is, a good night’s sleep is the key to performing our best the next day. For us to rest our bodies at night and get that refueling sleep, a comfy mattress is quintessential. You need to have a mattress that lures you into sleep and takes care of your body aches throughout the night.

But what if your mattress is not good and ends up creating more problems for you than providing you with a comfortable sleep throughout the night? Here we have compiled a list of some common mattress problems which indicate that it is time to buy a new one.

Common Mattress Problems

1. Can You Feel The Springs in your Spring Mattress?

This is one of the most disastrous experiences one can have when they lie on the bed to snooze. Spring mattresses have numerous layers of support and filling to prevent you from feeling any part of springs in them. So, if you have started to feel that something pokes at you when you try and become comfortable in your favorite sleep position, it is probably the time to get a new mattress.

This problem worsens if you do not tend to it during the initial problematic days and then you can visibly see springs trying to reach out to you from the mattress. Do not compromise on this problem and your precious sleep.

2. Is Your Mattress Compressed From The Center?

This is also one of the most common problems that old and low-quality mattresses exhibit – sagging from the middle. Do you have kids at home who insist on having all their trampoline lessons on your mattress? If yes, then this can be one of the top reasons for your mattress compressing from the center.

In most cases, the center of our bed is the one that endures most of our weight. We usually like to sleep towards the middle instead of the corner of the bed. Hence, over the years, even a good-quality mattress can sag from the center. However, if by any chance or bad luck, you had landed on a cheap quality mattress; this problem might arise quicker than usual.

If your mattress is showing this problem, your whole body is at risk of becoming stiff and sore the next day. Mattresses are supposed to be flat and comfortable, providing an even plane for our bodies to rest upon. If mattresses sag from the middle, the whole posture of the body is out of balance and results in body ache and fatigue.

3. Is Your Mattress A Host To Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are nasty little bugs that might start their colonies in the seam of your mattress or even inside it. These are brown and suck on our blood. If you are constantly itchy during sleep and cannot find anything visibly accountable for it, you might want to check thoroughly for these bugs.

As they suck on human blood, they multiply fast and can contaminate the whole bed frame in a few days. They also lower the quality of your sleep as promised by your mattress manufacturer. Besides changing the mattress and getting a new one instantly in this situation, it is advised that you disinfect your room and house first as they are known to quickly inhabit the new mattress too if not appropriately cleaned initially.

4. Does Sleeping On Your Mattress Leave Your Body Sore?

One of the most arising problems in worn-out mattresses is that it renders your body sore than relieving it from aches and pains in the morning. It is mostly because an old mattress gets compressed from various points with extensive use. If having a comfortable sleep during the night is a long-lost dream for you, it is probably because of the unevenness of your mattress.

If it is the case, it is high time that you invest in a new mattress right away.

5. Do You Have Constant Body Ache After Sleeping On Your Mattress?

Imagine being tired to the bone after a hard day at work and returning home to a bed that does not offer the comfort of a soft mattress and rather results in a constant body ache. This is a terrible situation to be in. Beds are supposed to be our haven and mattresses the soft plush cushion we all need in our lives.

If you are constantly waking up to a sore body with achy legs, hips, joints, or back, then it is probably the time to pay heed to a new mattress. When mattresses are worn-out, they tend to develop uneven surfaces and poke springs or fluffs of cotton accumulated at various spots. This renders the sleeper in a state of discomfort that ultimately results in constant body ache and pain.

6. Does Your Mattress Exacerbate Your Allergies?

No environment is dust-free. Tiny particles of dust – which we cannot even see with the naked eye – sometimes accumulate in the mattress and then bug us during our sleep. This condition is worse for the people who are highly allergic to dust and other particles.

Your sleep is supposed to mend things inside your body and not exacerbate your sneezes or other allergic symptoms. If it is the case happening with you, then your mattress might need an extensive cleanup – either professionally or by yourself.

7. Does Your Mattress Have Lumps?

A lumpy and uneven mattress is no less than not sleeping at all and letting your health deteriorate. A mattress compressed and sagged at various points and with lumps appearing here and there will do no good in bringing you a healing night’s sleep.  When you sleep, your body needs rest to do its magic. An even and soft surface of your mattress is supposed to steady your whole body alignment when you lie down.

A lumpy mattress will result in having a distorted back as it will be unable to support your body when you sleep on it.

8. Does Your Mattress Make A Squeaky Sound?

One of the prominent signs of a mattress problem is the squeaky sound of springs whenever you hop on to your bed. If that is the case with your mattress, it is high time that you start looking for a new one. This fairly audible sound made by your bed is the springs in your mattress telling you to pay attention to it.

Final Words

No matter how much sleep is undermined in today’s fast-paced world, you are missing out on your health if you miss out on a good night’s sleep. Investing in a new and good-quality mattress might seem a big investment, but it is worth every penny. It is the ultimate place where your body will be unwinding and healing itself. So, invest wisely and most importantly, look out for any signs telling you that it is time to get a new single mattress for your bed.