Do you have sleep problems? Alarming signs and what to do about them

Sleep is essential, we all know it but as most of us are leading busy lives today, sometimes it is hard to keep the healthy sleeping cycle. Lately, being extremely busy became something many people are proud of. I only sleep for four hours – some would say proudly, or the internet media and magazines would mention how much do successful people work and how little they sleep.

How much sleep is enough for a certain person to keep him or her healthy and active during the daytime, depends on many personal factors. The issue is that while many people claim to be getting enough sleep, they might be having sleeping issues that they are ignoring. It is very important to address these issues on time since sleep deprivation affects every aspect of our biology. In this article, we will discuss alarming signs that point out you have sleeping problems or do not sleep enough and what to do about it.

Sleeping problems can be due to health issues, as some of the diseases are causing troubles sleeping. Mental disorders such as depression or anxiety also have a big impact on the sleeping routine. On the other hand, these mental issues can also be caused because of sleep deprivation. However, if you do not have any health or mental issues that might result in sleeping problems, but still got them, the reason might be the poor sleeping habits.

You need more than 30 minutes to fall asleep 

Generally, it should take you from 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep, if you need 30 minutes or more to sleep it means that you might have sleeping problems. If there are no health or mental issues included, this problem is caused by your daily habits. First of all, if you have an increased intake of caffeine during the day, it is not surprising that you cannot sleep easily. However, if you have trouble falling asleep on a daily basis your lifestyle is there to blame.
Eating a big meal 3 hours before you go to sleep, or working out in the evening can make it harder for you to fall asleep. So does look at the screen. Many people spend their free time after work at the screens, they watch TV series,  play free online slots games or video games, or simply scroll Facebook endlessly until they feel too tired. Some people even do that intentionally to fall asleep. Try to stop staring at the screen one hour before you go to sleep, this will help you fall asleep easier and get quality sleep.

You are waking up tired 

After sleep, you need to feel refreshed and rested. If you wake up and feel tired it might be the sign that you did not have enough sleep or slept too much. It also might mean that you are not getting good sleep. Before you blame it on anything else, check your bed and the temperature in your room. It might be possible that the main cause of your sleep is your sleeping mattress or pillow. The temperature in your bedroom can highly affect your sleep. If the temperature is too high, it might be hard for you to fall asleep and have uninterrupted sleep if it is too cold, you might not get the quality sleep you need. Adjust the temperature and find a more comfortable sleeping mattress or pillow if you are waking up during the night or have troubles falling asleep.

It is hard for you to concentrate during the day and feel irritated 

Another good sign you need to change your sleeping habits is if you have a hard time to concentrate and feel irritated. If you are constantly filling up your coffee mug at work to concentrate on work and every sound you hear makes you irritated it means you are not getting good sleep. Once you feel like this, you need to reconsider the time you go to bed. Take into consideration the advice above as well to find out what exactly causes your sleeping problems. The reason might be very small – for example, the temperature and you might be able to solve this problem very easily.