Getting the Perfect Curl With Hair Rollers

Everybody likes voluminous, curly hair. Good curls can give an instant feel of grace, elegance, and beauty to any outfit. However, it can be very difficult to get curls without using a curling iron. Even then, constantly using heat on your hair can damage them. Hair rollers are the perfect method to get yourself some beautiful curls without damaging the health of your locks. There are different hair rollers available on the market. Even steam rollers cause far less heat damage than curling irons. 

Types of Hair Rollers

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is made of 2 components. A soft foamy cushion that you wrap the hair around, and a clip that holds the strand in place. Foam Rollers are especially great if you’re trying to give your hair a soft, blow-dried look. Here’s how to use a foam roller, step by step.

Step 1

Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. Conditioning your hair is very important. Frizzy hair will experience a lot of tension and might break.

Step 2

Towel dry your hair to remove the excess water but do not let them dry completely. Brush the hair thoroughly to make sure the strands are tangle-free.  The next step is to section your hair. The easiest way to section your hair is to do it in 6 parts. One section is the hair in front of your head. Then you should proceed top right and top left. That is from the end of the forehead to the middle of the ear. 

You should then go bottom right and bottom left. This includes the hair from the middle of the ear to your neck. The last section includes the hair at the nape of your neck. Clip all these sections separately, so it is easier to curl your hair.

Step 3

Start at the front section to get that hair out of way first. The strand of hair you take per roller, should not be thicker than 2 of your fingers combined. If the hair in your first section is more than that, divide the section equally into 2 parts. Create a clear part in the middle, and curl the two individually. 

There are 2 ways to curl your hair with a hair roller. One is to curl the hair inwards, and the other is to do it outwards. The consensus is that hair should always be rolled inwards towards the scalp.  This is because curls facing inward look more elegant, natural, and soft than curls facing outwards. 

Inwards is also a way for experts to do hair curling. All you need to do is to take a roller and place the foam on the end of the strand. Start rolling the hair on top of the roller, as tight you can, until you reach the scalp. There, secure the roller in the hair with the clip it comes with. Repeat the process with all the other sections. 

Step 4

Blow-dry your hair with the rollers on. If you don’t want to use heat on your hair, leave the hair to air dry. The best way to get curls from foam rollers is to leave the rollers overnight. If you are in a rush, you can wait until the hair are completely dry. Afterward, you can use some setting spray or texture spray and remove the rollers one by one.

If you think that leaving the rollers overnight isn’t such a good idea, read the following tips and get your confusions cleared – How to Sleep in Hair Rollers Without Eventually Breaking Your Hair Off.

Step 5

Gently tease out the curls, brushing the strands till they are loose enough to your preference. If you feel that the hair have not been curled properly, you can go for another try. Keep in mind that you may have to do the entire process once or twice to achieve perfection.

Elegantly curled hair.

Velcro Rollers 

Velcro rollers are the most common form of hair rollers available on the market. They work best for people with thin hair as they give the hair more volume.  If you’re thinking of using a Velcro roller, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1

Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly to make them smooth and free from all kinds of dandruff.

Step 2

Apply a frizz control serum or mousse to your hair, and brush out any tangles. Leave the hair to air dry until they are just slightly damp.

Step 3

Section your hair. You can use the method mentioned above. All you have to do is make sure the section you use per roller is equal to the width of the roller. 

Step 4

Raise the strand of hair over your head, keeping it straight and pointing outwards from the scalp. Start at the end of the locks, and roll the hair with the Velcro roller. You can pinch the hair against the roller to ensure a firm grip. Any hair that slips from the sides will cause kinks in the final look. You would not need any pin or clip to hold the hair in place. If your roller is coming loose, you have used too much hair. 

Step 5

Wait for 20-30 minutes before removing the rollers. Do not pull the roller out of your hair harshly rather unwind them carefully. Pulling the roller out can cause frizz, and hair may break if they get tangled in the Velcro.  Gently brush out your curls, and you’re done.

Hair curling.

Steam Rollers

Steam rollers are great if you’re short on time, and need curls that are fast and will last throughout the day. They are also very mild, and comparatively harmless alternatives to curling irons.

Step 1

Plugin your rollers and let them heat. Usually, these rollers require 5 to 10 minutes of preheat time before they are ready to be used. 

Step 2

Wash and completely dry your hair for the best results. However, it is okay to skip washing your hair if you want to. The hair, however, should be completely dry.  Spray a heat protectant into the hair, and let it sit for a few minutes. Brush your hair free of any tangles. 

Step 3

Section your hair and start rolling up at the ends. Make sure the strand of hair you are rolling, is completely straight, or the curl will have kinks. Keep rolling the strand until you have the roller snug with your scalp. Repeat with the rest of the strands.

Step 4

Leave the rollers in the hair until they are completely cooled. Then, gently remove the rollers, unwrapping the strands with care. Spray a little texture spray and brush the curls out until they are soft and bouncy.

You can get minor hair curls as well.

Things to Remember When Using a Hair Roller

  • Always make sure to brush your hair thoroughly. Tangled hair will make kinky curls in good cases, in bad ones, the roller might break the strand altogether.
  • Using steam rollers for thin and easily breakable hair is not a good idea. The heat from the roller, no matter how mild it might be, may cause the hair to burn. 
  • If you want soft and bouncy curls, you should use thicker sections of hair per roller.  The tighter curls you want, the closer your rollers should be, and the more rollers you should use.
  • You should hold your roller horizontally for ringlets and vertically for soft waves. 
  • Use damp hair if you want tight and defined curls. Dry hair works well when you want curled edges, or want to add just a little wave to your hair. 
  • When using a blow-dryer to dry your hair in the roller, drying the hair in an upwards direction will give it more volume.
  • Unwind the hair carefully from the roller or your curls will not be smooth.
  • Steam rollers give the most defined curls. Foam rollers are great for all types of curls, given you have time. Velcro rollers provide a lot of volume to thin hair.
  • It is a good idea to use an anti-frizz serum, or mousse for smoother curls. 
  • A heat protectant before steam rollers is a must.
  • Long hair work better when using hair rollers, short hair usually just take a little bounce. Read more about using rollers in short hair – Using Rollers in Shorter Hair
  • If your roller isn’t tight enough, you should decrease the volume of hair you are using. 

Perfectly curled hair.


Hair rollers are a great idea if you want to protect your hair from the harsh heat of a curling iron. Also, using the right technique can help you give the hair volume and a smooth texture as well. There is a great variety of rollers available in the market. All of these rollers help give different types of curls, on various kinds of hair. However, no matter what type of roller you are using, patience is the key to achieving the best curly locks.