Bipolar Disorder – How To Prevent Sleep Deprivation

How to prevent sleep deprivation

One of the most important things to take care of when you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder is your sleeping habits. The lack of sleep will worsen the condition to the point where it goes from moderate to severe easily. If one is in the manic phase of bipolar disorder their … Read more

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

  Sleep is not wasted time. It is necessary downtime for your consciousness and for your physical body and its multiple systems. While no two people need precisely the same amount of sleep to be and stay well, we all need our own degrees of ‘enough.’ Failing to get enough sleep, over … Read more

What Are Sleep Clinics?

What are sleep clinics

When one suffers from sleeping disorders and it seems to be getting worse each day, they can seek professional assistance from sleep clinics. These are usually centers where professional sleep doctors carry out sleep tests and studies on all the patients who have sleeping disorders. The earliest sleep clinics were set up … Read more

How Specialists Analyze Your Sleep Patterns in Sleep Clinics

How do specialists analyze your sleep patterns in sleep clinics

When you’re suffering from any form of sleeping disorder, you may find it near impossible to cure because you don’t have the technical know-how to isolate the problem and resolve it. Luckily for you, the problem can be treated naturally or by taking medication. Before taking the medication, it is important to … Read more

Five Common Sleep Phenomena

What are five common sleep phenomena

Some of the hardest things for people to understand are the mysteries of the sleeping mind. Sleep in itself is only becoming less mysterious in recent years. Questions like “Why do we sleep?” and “Do we really need sleep?” are finally being answered. However, sleep phenomena still remain very mysterious and can … Read more

Sleep Disturbances in Autistic Children – Tips for Parents

Tips for the parents of children with Autism, who also have sleep disturbances

For parents of autistic children, there’s often no such thing as a good night’s sleep. Children on the autism spectrum are often prone to wakefulness well into the night, making it hard for others to sleep and leading parents to worry that their child will harm himself if Mom and Dad fall … Read more

Sleep Talking And Sleep Walking In Children

How to handle sleep talking and sleep walking in children

Sleep talking and sleepwalking are a part of a sleep disorder called Parasomnia. However, children talking and walking in their sleep is not considered to be a serious sleep disorder, nor is it considered to be the result of a physical or psychological problem. But both can occur when a child has … Read more

Sleep Disorders In Children

What are some sleep disorders in children

When someone says to me “I slept like a baby”, you may have to a little chuckle and ask them if they woke up every hour on the hour. People tend to say this to illustrate a good night’s sleep but there is nothing restful about ‘sleeping like a baby’. Babies wake … Read more

Children Sleeping Problems

Children Sleeping Problems

Most children usually naturally adapt to the normal sleeping patterns of their parents during their first year. They may, however, experience some problems like waking up at midnight, having odd patterns of sleeping, or having problems falling asleep. When the child is able to properly adjust to the normal sleeping routine, it … Read more

Sleeping Disorders – Learning the Causes and Symptoms

What are the causes and symptoms of the most common sleeping disorders

Causes and Symptoms of the Most Common Sleeping Disorders Sleeping is an absolute necessity of living and is a natural physiological phenomenon. It is in sleep where people recharge and get energy for the activities of daily living. The different systems of the body are being revitalized during the stages and cycles … Read more