5 Issues Dermal Fillers Help With

Are you planning to get a new cosmetic procedure done? If so, have you thought about dermal fillers to take care of your problem areas? Fillers are a safe way to give your face or other parts of your body the volume you’re looking for.

While dermal fillers San Diego are mainly used for aesthetic reasons, you may be surprised to find out that there are also many problems they can help with.

Here are five common target areas that dermal fillers can help take care of:


Cheekbones often become less prominent as we age. For some people, this is a pronounced change in their appearance.

For others, it may be more of an unconscious thing that affects how they feel about their appearance.

Either way, cheek fillers are often used to help restore the volume in your face that age has taken away. It can also create a stronger jawline for people who naturally have a more prominent one.

Smile Lines And The Corners Of Your Lips

Smile lines are a natural part of aging, but they can make you look older than you want to appear. By filling these areas with dermal fillers, you’re creating a refreshed look that’s more evenly balanced with the rest of your face.

Fillers can also create fuller lips that appear more youthful, again filling an area with volume that has lost its curve.

The Corners Of Your Mouth

The corners of your mouth are another place where many people would like to see some volume restored or injected for additional volume. It is often done in conjunction with lip fillers. It helps create a complete look that fills in any lines/creases and gives you a balanced appearance.

It is ideal for people seeking to have a more youthful appearance.

Acne Scars And Other Skin Damage

Acne scars are caused due to damage to the skin during a breakout. Opting for a reputable clinic that offers Dermal fillers in San Diego is advisable for such skin conditions as you can expect safe and positive results when you are in the hands of an expert. The fillers can be injected into the problem areas to create a smoother surface and reduce the appearance of scars left behind by acne.

More prominent scars may require more extensive treatment using dermal fillers in conjunction with laser resurfacing.

Other types of damage to the skin can include liver spots or sunspots. Liver spots are caused by damage to the skin from years of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Sunspots occur when sun damage causes the skin’s surface to darken and create a blemish. Dermal fillers can be injected into all of these areas to help reduce their appearance and make you look younger and healthier.

An experienced injector will be able to determine if dermal fillers can help. They will also be able to create a solution that includes restoring volume and affecting the tone and color of your skin.

Loss Of Volume In Parts Of The Face

Dermal fillers can be used to restore volumetric elements like cheekbones and the jawline, creating a more balanced look. If you’ve lost a lot of fat from specific areas, creases or wrinkles can occur in your facial structure due to this change. It will add a nice contour to your face and fullness to hollow areas.

The average cost of dermal fillers in San Diego is $575, with individual treatment costs ranging from $250-$1000. However, the results are life-altering; hence spending your money on this treatment is an excellent option if you want to improve your skin’s condition.