What can I take for Tiredness?

This is my Fight Fatigue Diet. It might be a bit difficult to get a few of the ingredients, but if you manage to find them, you will reap the benefits.

I know the feeling. We all do. Throughout almost the entire working day, you suffer from fatigue. Everybody else rushes around like little beams of light while you’re stagnated, sitting there falling behind. And, you’re asking yourself: What can I take for tiredness? Well, first of all, this situation is more common than you think. 1 in 10 people suffers from extreme tiredness in the workplace. So if you’re one of those people who need an energy boost to get you through the day then listen up. I’m not only going to boost you up, but I’m also going to improve your overall health by providing you with a very simple diet that’ll deal with your fatigue. Now it’ll involve a bit of scouting around for ingredients but if you put the work in then you’ll reap those fantastic rewards and you won’t be coming home at night looking exhausted. This is my Fight Fatigue Diet.

The Fiber breakfast

Your body doesn’t produce Fibre on its own. So if you’re not eating any then your body doesn’t have any. Start breakfast with Cereal. Now, you’re looking for one with at least 10 grams of Fibre per bowl because your body needs 30 grams a day so getting a third of this in one early morning sitting is a darn good beginning to the day.

Fiber not only helps your digestive system run more smoothly by assisting in the breakdown of foods, but it also removes Cholesterol from the blood. Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in fast foods like Burgers and Fries and lots of other unhealthy foods. When you have too much of it in the blood, Oxygen finds it more difficult to pass through. Oxygen is vital to the body’s production of energy. So you get the picture right? Without fiber you’ll have a huge buildup of cholesterol which blocks Oxygen, preventing the body from creating enough energy for you and so you have none. So stop tiredness and stop fatigue by eating lots of Fibre.

What can I take for tiredness if I don’t like Cereal?

It’s not the end of the world. You can still fight that fatigue by replacing the high Fibre Cereal with an equally high Fibre snack like an oatmeal bar. Then have a bowl of fruit. Fruits contain tons of Antioxidants that’ll clean out your body of it’s Bacteria.

Some Potassium sir? For after breakfast

Once you’ve cleaned out of Cholesterol, you’re going to need some Potassium. Why? Because now that you’ve eaten your Cereal with all that Fibre, your body is able to produce lots of energy. But, it needs to release it quickly. Potassium helps our Cells function properly and Cells are responsible for the release of energy. So at night, you should cut up a Potato and place its parts in a jug of water. Potatoes are jam-packed full of Potassium and after your Breakfast, you’re going to drink a cup of that water. Take another cup with you to work. When someone says “hows it going, Mark?”. You can reply back that your Oxygen levels are high and your cells are in tip-top condition this morning.

Don’t quit the Carbs. Just Eat the right ones.

Carbohydrates are found in foods like Pasta, Bread, Fries, and Cake. They cause your Sugar levels to rise dramatically and then fall to practically nothing. Sugar is the ingredient Oxygen needs to produce energy so you need stable Sugar levels if you’re going to solve your lack of energy problem. But I’m not going to force you away from Carbs. Instead, you should choose Whole Wheat Pasta or Wholemeal bread. This releases Sugar more slowly giving your body time to use it in the creation of energy. And guess what? They’re also packed with our old friend Fibre. Constantly tired? The right Carbs may be the answer. Have a Whole Wheat Pasta Salad for lunch. Put some Peppers and some Cucumber in there. Cucumber is a good source of water and Peppers are full of Antioxidants.

Squeeze some Lemon into that Salad

As well as preventing Kidney Stones and Cancer, Lemons also contain Pectin which aids in the breakdown of Fat and so helps you lose weight. The less weight you’re carrying around the less tired you’ll feel.

And remember to drink your next cup of Potato Water while you eat.

Iron Like a Lion in Zion

We just talked about Oxygen flows through your veins using Sugar to produce energy. Think of Iron as a group of little men who carry that Oxygen along. Without these little guys doing all the heavy carrying, your Oxygen is going nowhere. So it’s an understatement to say that Iron is vitally important. And you’re going love what foods contain Iron

Afternoon Snack Time

Beef has lots of Iron in it and so does Watercress. So have a gorgeous Beef and Watercress Sandwich, On Wholewheat Bread of course. Don’t forget those good Carbs we discussed. In fact, you can do even better by carrying a bag of Nuts around with you all day, snacking whenever you want. Nuts also contain lots of Iron. So Iron out that lack of energy, stop tiredness and stop fatigue. You’d be Nuts not to.

If you don’t like Beef then try Tuna or Oysters on a plate with some Watercress or Lettuce. Any Iron rich food will do the trick here.

Time for a tasty Dinner

It’s got to be balanced so whatever you have you need a range of different foods. And always have a portion of Veg with it. Try some Green Beans or Broccoli. These both contain loads of Vitamins including A, K and C. Not only that but they’ve got our friend Fibre inside, for cleaning out that Cholesterol preventing your energy creation. On top of all this, they have lots of Antioxidants too. You can have Fries. Yes, I said that you love me a little more now don’t you? But, cut up a Sweet Potato and have it on the side next to your Fries. Sweet Potato is full of Iron and has tons of Vitamin A inside. Any meat will do. Most have Iron Inside but if you want more Iron then try a beautiful grilled Salmon.


Ice-cream. Not because it’s good for you. It’s just better than the bad Carbs you’re going to get from Cake and I figured you’d want a nice dessert.

Final Thoughts

So if you’ve been asking what can I take for tiredness? Then ask no more. If you’re eating half of what I’ve designed for you in this Fight Fatigue Diet, then you’ll be bouncing off the walls with energy. Because you’re on the best drugs in the world: Healthy Food. So wait no longer. I promise that if you give this a try then your days of feeling tired and sleepy all the time will be over. That lack of energy will be gone. And, you’ll be the one making your coworkers jealous when they’re sitting at their desk at 3 pm feeling exhausted just watching you. Thank you for reading.