Weird Habits When Sleeping

Many people have issues with getting to and staying asleep. Some may think they have weird sleeping habits but are they actually as unusual as you think? Many times, sleeping habits that you think are weird are actually commonly practiced by a lot of people, we just don’t talk about it to other people.

Sleeping Without Covers On Feet or Legs

This one isn’t actually that uncommon and a lot of people actually like to sleep without covers on their feet or legs. No one has a definitive answer as to why this is but it has been suggested that its because we like the freedom of moving our legs around. People that have this sleeping habit often don’t enjoy the feeling of being trapped under a duvet which is why they like having their legs out. Often-times when people have this ‘weird’ sleeping habit, they’ll find they also like to sleep with their hands and arms out of the duvet, as well.

Another explanation for this strange sleeping preference is that these people don’t like feeling too hot when they sleep, which is perfectly understandable. Your arms, legs and your head are your extremities to your body, and therefore lose the most heat through these areas. By having these body parts outside of the duvet, you’re able to lower your body heat a lot more.

Sleep Talking

Sleep talking, otherwise known as somniloquy is the act of talking aloud in your sleep and although not totally uncommon, it is a bit weird isn’t it?

Sleep-talking usually happens when the sleeper is changing from non-REM to REM sleep and the sleeper is usually partially awake afterward. Sleep-talking can also happen during REM sleep where words spoken in the person’s dream are said aloud as well. About 50% of children suffer from sleep-talking and about 4% of adults suffer from it, too.

Waking Up Before Alarm

Have you ever had it when you set your alarm to wake up at a time that’s unusual to what you’re used to, and you find that in the morning, you wake up a few minutes before your alarm anyway? Have you ever thought why this is?

This all goes back to your body clock, and if you’re expecting to wake up for an important meeting, your body clock will actually be able to tell the time and wake you up for that.

Also, if you’re nervous about not waking up for it, you’ll find that you don’t fall into such a deep sleep anyway so when morning comes and you happen to wake up, you’ll check the clock straight away to make sure you haven’t overslept. This is different than if you didn’t have anything important on, you wouldn’t bother checking the clock when you wake up in the morning.

If you have any unique weird sleeping habits that you do every night/morning, they may not be as weird as you think. You might find that a lot of other people actually do the exact same every night.