Tips for Waking Up Early

Tips for Waking Up Early

Drink some waterDrink some water

Place a glass of water beside your bed and drink some sips right after your online alarm clock rings. The cold water kick starts your metabolism and makes feel fresh and vital.

Wake up at the same timeWake up at the same time

Every day set your online alarm clock to the same time and go to bed when you start to feel tired. Your body will start to get used to this wake up time and you will beginn to slowly and gently wake up prior to the buzzer.

Have something to look forward tooHave something to look forward too

Remember how fresh and fast you can wake up when it´s your birthday or christmas day? Have a little reward you can look forward too in the morning. A nice cup of coffe? Your sleepy wife? Or your favorite music triggered by this handy dandy online alarm service.

Pick out your outfit the evening beforePick out your outfit the evening before

Even small decisions like picking out which dress to wear can be a drag in the early morning hours. Make those decision in the evening right before you set your online alarm clock and you will be surprised how muc of a burden falls off you in the morning.


Your cat does it and your dog too! Stretch when you wake up! You can start while you still lay in your warm bed. It will help to get your blood circulating in all parts of your body! Just select your favorite gymnastic video on youtube with that hot trainer for our online alarm clock service.

Use music to wake up and change it oftenUse music to wake up and change it often

Don´t use a agressive buzzer noise 365 days of the year. This makes you hate the sound and already wake up with a negative feeling. Better use our online alarm clock service and wake up with your favorite music. Change the music every other week.