Top-notch Tap Ideas for Your Bathrooms

Interior décor today is all about functionality combined with aesthetics. When it comes to your bathrooms, décor is just as essential to keep them feeling warm and fresh.

But have you paid attention to the tapware in your house? Only some people ever think about planning their taps. It is usually restricted to getting water flowing at the correct pressure.

Well, bathroom tapware can play an extraordinary role in uplifting the bathroom’s overall look. There are numerous designs and styles with great practical uses that immediately enhance the look of the basins and bathroom vanity.

Want to pick from excellent selections that cover your design needs? Here is a list you can follow.

6 Bathroom Tap Ideas for You

If you aren’t a geek in bathroom tapware, you’ll be surprised to know the varieties available.

Well, taps usually last up to nearly ten years. If yours has crossed its expiry, it’s time to pick a modern shiny one. Say goodbye to old, rusted, crusty taps and choose from the new contemporary designs.

1. The Monobloc Mixer

With newer, more innovative models, everything has become more straightforward and effective. Such is the system of the monobloc tapware that combines your hot and cold-water needs, resulting in the perfect temperature. These are best suited for smaller countertops and provide easy adjusting of water with handles, leading to a single efficient flow.

2. Wall-mounted Ideas

You can mount your taps to the wall to get that extra room in your bath space. These ideas are more common today and inspired by the minimalistic Victorian styles, giving it a vintage edge. It provides a look that can easily match any interior style and give the feel of a fancy spa.

3. Black Taps

Black matte finish furnishing and details are all in this season and add a bold new look that stands out. If you want a minimal, modern, and chic finish – go for black tapware. Moreover, black goes with everything and would make a great replacement.

4. Waterfall Flow

You can pick one with a unique flow if you want to add more elegance to your bathrooms through tapware types. The waterfall tap has a wider exposed opening that gives a waterfall effect when you turn it on. This simple yet stunning design can add that ‘wow’ factor.

5. The Classic Pillar

If you’re into old styles and vintage aesthetics, the traditional crosshead pillar tap is the one for you. These tap styles usually look better in chrome or brushed gold hues. You can even find several modern variations of these.

6. Bath Shower Mixers

Want to settle for an all-in-one? The bath shower mixer taps have your regular tapware, along with a shower head and flexible hose. These are great for families, come in modern designs, have easily adjustable temperature settings, and have high utility.

Finishing Up

The tapware in your bathrooms does more than just supply water. It is a prime element that decides your overall bathroom’s design, look, and feel.

Today, there are a variety of bathroom tapware types that come in different sizes, shapes, materials, settings, flow systems, and utilities. Whether you like a traditional style, a bold modern one, or just something minimal, there is something for everyone.

There are chances that your old taps are making your bathroom look dull. Whether you prefer gold, silver finish, or matte black, replacing tapware can breathe life back into your bathrooms.

So, which style are you picking to match your bathrooms?

Author:  Alison Lurie