Stress-Free Moving and Packing Hacks

Moving is an incredibly stressful activity. When you think about all the packing you must do, it makes you lose hope. It’s going to take time and money to put everything in boxes and move them to your new place. The good news is that you can hire a reputable full service moving company to do everything for you.

However, the company is going to charge you extra to pack and unpack everything. They may also exclude themselves from liability in case they break some of your household items. Therefore, it’s always best to be involved.

To make things less stressful, use the following tips.

Plan and Start Early

If you want to have peace of mind on the big day, start early with a series of actions. It’s best if you start ten weeks before. During this period, read your lease agreement to know what it says about moving and getting your deposit back. Then, inform your landlord about the move. After that, prepare a spreadsheet to track your expenses and budget.

Eight weeks before the move, inform your utility providers that you’ll be moving. Start the procedure of changing your mailing address. If you have home insurance, call your agents, and tell them about the move. The home insurance company will update your policy and premiums. Next, find movers that are affordable and reliable.

Six weeks before the move, start the packing process. Choose which items you’ll take with you and which ones you’ll give away. Call your doctor and ask them to forward medical records to the new physician. Decide to transport your pets and inform the school that you’ll be moving with your children.

The packing continues onto week 4. By then, you should start clearing your freezer. Eat everything that you won’t take with you. Make sure you label all boxes. It would help if you got done with packing one week before the move. Then, confirm with the movers.

Tips for Packing

You know the best place to find moving boxes is the grocery store. However, be careful because such packages are subject to wear and tear. Things can easily fall off and break with such boxes. Instead, spend a little money to buy quality moving boxes.

Since you’re going to start packing six weeks in advance, set aside 1 hour every day for this activity. If the number of items is less, you may finish packing early and focus on other things.

Label the moving boxes according to rooms. To make things easier, you can use different colored tags for each room.

Don’t overfill your packing boxes because it’s risky. If the box is too heavy, you can fall as you carry it. Keep the boxes light and manageable to minimize accidents and fatigue.

Your boxes should always be filled without leaving spaces on the sides. Add some clothing or cladding to prevent items from shifting from one side to another and breaking.

Use your traveling suitcases to pack clothes and save the boxes for fragile items.