Sleeping Routines in Shared Rooms

Shared accommodation and shared rooms have become quite important over the past few years for the fact that private housing has become quite expensive. For example, Young couples tend to buy smaller houses where the siblings have to share the rooms. On the other hand, in many countries, two or more people could rent a single room and share the rent. In any case, maintaining the sleeping routine in shared rooms is quite essential. 

Shared Living with Strangers

One of the most important aspects in today’s world is the rise in the cost of living. Shared living is preferred by low-end job holders since they cannot afford proper accommodation. For example, many hotel workers live together in flats or rooms. In some very poorly developed countries, this is seen among airline pilots as well because they are unable to manage expenses with limited salaries. This could happen specifically in the case of budget airlines. 

In such a case, the pro tip is to share the room with a stranger that has a different timing of job compared to yours. For example, if the hotel worker is having the day shift for his job, he needs to be having the room or accommodation free for the night. Therefore, he should be sharing his room with someone who has a night shift job. In this way, the entire room is going to be free for the night. 

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This is essential because many shared rooms do not even have double beds rather only a single bed is present. Two people cannot sleep on a single bed at a time because it is going to be uncomfortable as well as unhygienic. Having different times would mean that the sleeping routines would also be well managed as each person would be having their own sleeping times without any bother to the other.

Moreover, one of the two could also be having the guests such as friends and family visiting them. Having an extra person in your room at that time could be inconvenient. Therefore, the timings of two people living in a shared accommodation must not be quite similar. 

Shared Living with Kids

If a couple has their kids sleeping in their room, adjusting to the sleeping routines could become difficult. New parents face this problem the most because many kids sleep early and wake up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, parents usually sleep late and would have a disturbed sleep if they have to wake up from the sound of their young one crying at night. 

To avoid this from happening, new parents should set their infant’s routine just according to their own. Although it is not easy to have that perfectly balanced but try to cut down the gap between the sleep timings of both. If the infant sleeps at 8 pm, try to sleep by a maximum of 10 pm so that when the child wakes up again after 6 to 8 hours, you have had sufficient sleep. In case you sleep at 1 am, you would be woken up by the infant crying in just an hour or two as he has been sleeping for a long time. 

Therefore, the best way to manage the sleeping routine in a room with a young one is to adjust to the infant’s sleep cycle or try to change his sleep cycle according to yours although both of them are difficult. Secondly, the problem of shared living with kids arises when they grow up and have different sleeping patterns and timings compared to the parents.


This usually happens because of changes in physical activity as well as routines. For example, the children have to get up early in the morning to go to school while professionals usually have some spare time in the morning. Shared living with kids when they grow up becomes difficult because there can be quite a hassle. Many fathers have complained that they have woken up to the alarms of their children for school timings despite the fact that they have slept late in the night. 

To manage the sleeping routine and not have disturbance during your sleep, you can either use noise-canceling equipment for avoiding excess noise or you can adjust your sleeping routine as your children are doing. If the children are sleeping early, then you should too, because after all, you are among those struggling parents who are aiming for a bigger accommodation in the future. Such compromises are essential. In addition to that, try exclaiming to your kids regarding your sleeping routine and they might be more vigilant making lesser noise. 

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Shared Living with Parents

Let’s say your parents have retired and all of you are happily living in single accommodation. If there are shared rooms, you would have to adjust your sleeping pattern once again. For example, many elders try to wake up early in the morning so that they can have fresh walks and physical exercises. Although they may not create any excess noise, there are chances that anyone else sleeping could be disturbed due to movements. 

If you have a disturbed sleeping routine in a shared room with your parents, try altering and modifying the look of the room. Move along the furniture and see how it can be set up in a way that you will not have to be disturbed early in the morning. Some parents have alarms for early mornings and you can be disturbed by them.

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Sleeping routines in shared rooms could not be something very easy but with some effort, it is not exactly impossible as well. The above-mentioned tips will provide you a comfortable routine for sleeping in a shared room no matter you are with your family or with some unknown. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust according to the situation. Also! Don’t forget to buy the earplugs for additional comfort.