Oktoberfest 2021: What To Expect?

One of the most awaited events of the year around the world is the Oktoberfest. It is celebrated for almost a month with never-ending fun and memories worth keeping. What is new in times of coronavirus? Well, the pandemic has changed a lot of things especially the crowd and some other activities outdoors, including live events.

How will Oktoberfest 2021 differ from the previous year’s then? Can the event possibly continue?

When is the 187th Oktoberfest?

The corona pandemic has canceled most of 2020 crowded events due to safety concerns. This year’s Oktoberfest is currently scheduled for September 18, however, the Economic Affairs Officer is still hoping for better tomorrows. If possible, the largest folk festival will end on October 3, 2021, Sunday.

Many tourists are asking if there will be Wiesn in 2021, knowing most live events can possibly happen online. The event’s organizers are making ways for the event to push through live when stuff is OK.

Best Location for Oktoberfest Munich

The yearly celebration takes place in Theresienwiese, the largest fairground in Munich. It is found southwest of the city’s center where other big events happen such as the Spring Festival and Winter Tollwood.

The location also has a perfect spot to enjoy the festival, particularly the 18-meter high Bavaria statue. Watching the parades and other Oktoberfest highlights would be more fun there.

There is an online map not to overlook Theresienwiese or the Bavaria statue accessible by the tourists. Or, public transport with underground stations to walk to the event the quickest possible.

Highlights of Oktoberfest 2021

Here is a list of highlights that happened in the last years of Oktoberfest. Stay hopeful for things to get better making the event possible.

Beer Tent

Beer tent reservations will make your Oktoberfest experience a lot happier. It brings the best party ever inclusive of food and beer vouchers. The tents can be small or large, depending on the tourist’s liking. Besides, the reservation itself is free and accessible online.

Oktoberfest promotes companionship, so there is no such a thing as, “Table for two.” Each table can accommodate a group of friends, which can be overcrowded at night. With that, a place must be booked early in the year from a respective proprietor avoiding resold purchases.

Costume Parade

The costume parade is one of the highlights in Wiesn opening since 1950. It takes place every first Sunday of the festival where thousands of participants will parade around Munich city center wearing historic costumes, together with marching bands and musicians. The route of the parade will start at the Max II Monument and throughout the city of Munich.

For tourists, better arrive early on the stands set along the parade’s route to enjoy the best view.

Wiesn Church Service

Wiesn church service will happen on the first Thursday of the Wiesn at Marshall festival tent. It is intended for the festival workers and some visitors willing to pray for a peaceful event. Entry is free of charge that offers ecumenical church services for everyone.

Wiesn Landlords’ Concert

This event is a huge public concert conducted by the mayor and Wiesn celebrities at the foot of the Bavaria statue. They offer a unique concert experience free of charge and open for everyone. The musicians play traditional marches and songs while releasing colorful balloons into the sky for a magical moment.

The whole concert is broadcast on Bavarian television for the other tourists who did not make it to the concert.

Traditional Gun Salutes

Bavarian gun salutes are the traditional way to start and end Oktoberfest. To get the beer flowing, 12 gun salutes will officially open the event led by the mayor.

Closing the ceremony will also be accompanied by loud noises and smokes below the Bavaria statue. It is to scare away bad spirits or to warn possible dangers as believed during the 20th century.


Oktoberfest fun is never complete without the rides. This festival’s highlight is made for kids with varieties of thrill ride options from a swing carousel to an extreme rollercoaster. They are in a separate location away from the beers and parties.

The swing carousel so-called Wellenflug is designed for both young and old. Riding on this carousel helps you view the events from above. It will float parallel to the ground through a centrifugal force.

A cult ride is also made for girls over 18. For a more extreme ride, the Skyfall brings the tallest drop tower in the world. Another option is a transportable roller coaster with five loops to satisfy your fearless core. And there are many more!

Photo Booth

Having the best photos of your Oktoberfest experience is for keeps. A professional team will take a photo of you in a “Monroe effect” as a great souvenir. It is free of charge and repeating to shoot photos is never a problem.

Dress codes

Visitors at the Oktoberfest dressed that so-called dirndl or simply a traditional costume way back in the 19th century. In recent years, people add up hype by wearing robes and stylish trousers with a touch of old-style outfits.

Recommended Oktoberfest Tour Packages

The Oktoberfest tours by Thirsty Swagman will provide the best accommodation from looking at high-class hotels to beer tent reservations. They can also alter the packages to suit your requirements. The tour-takers help to explore the city of Munich while enjoying the festival and all the other highlights. Tourists will surely be in safe hands throughout this unique party experience.