How To Overcome Fatigue From Flu

A strong bout of flu can leave lasting impacts, including fatigue. Here’s how to cure flu-induced fatigue.

A strong bout of the Flu can sure set you back. One minute you were running through fields and skipping over streams. Not literally of course, unless you live in the country and enjoy doing stuff like that. But it’s Safe to say you were enjoying life though, and that you had lots of energy. The next minute you’re out for the count. Your bed becomes your home and the worst thing is that even after you recover, you’re constantly tired for days or weeks. It feels like forever before you’re back to full speed.
That was the case until you read this of course. Because now that you’re here, you’re going to be learning how to overcome fatigue from flu. Yes, in the best case scenario all of your fatigue will be gone. Even in the worst case scenario, by doing the things I’m going to be recommending here, you’ll see a huge decrease in your symptoms. Are you ready to stop tiredness and stop fatigue? I thought you might be.

A Little Miracle Drug

Swallow some Echinacea Capsules. You can also get them in drops. These guys engage your T Cells whose job it is to dispatch White blood Cells all around your body. The virus, although diminished, is still there. And it’s still there in enough quantity to cause you constant fatigue. White Blood Cells spend their time-fighting viruses and now they’ll be more of them so you’ll quickly kick out what remains of the virus and then you’ll be up and running again.

Eat More Food

I wouldn’t usually recommend this but eating more food is one of the best answers to the question of how to overcome fatigue from flu. Your body will have depleted you of most of the Vitamins and Nutrients you usually take in. Your body will also have used more in fighting the virus. So you need lots of fruit and Vegetables. These have tons of Vitamins and Antioxidants inside them which will fuse with the Oxygen you breath in order to form energy. Yep, eat your greens to stop fatigue and stop tiredness. .Also, eat Red Meats like Beef because these have Iron in them and Iron carries your Oxygen along.

A Heat Treat

Go to a Sauna or a Turkish Bath. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that’s great advice but how do I get rid of my constant tiredness after flu? No, what I mean is that you should go as soon as you read this or in the next few days. Brand new research has come out indicating that extreme heat can kill the virus. Remember flu is a cold climate virus. It likes cold noses and cold bodies. The steam from the Sauna will extricate that last bit of the flu virus still inside of you. This research is coming from specialists at Cardiff University. So they sure know what they’re talking about.

Exploding a big Myth

If you ask someone on the street how to overcome fatigue from flu, they might tell you to eat Citrus Fruit. They’ might say this because they’ve heard a common myth. That Citrus cures flu. It’s not true but their advice is not entirely misguided. Citrus Fruits like Oranges, Lemons and Grapefruit, contain lots of Antioxidants and Vitamin C. Nutrient supplements like Balance of Nature may help you reach your nutrient intake. These help your body boost up its immune system. So by eating these, you’ll be arming yourself to the teeth for the fight to get your energy back. Within a few days of regularly eating Citrus, you won’t feel tired and sleepy all the time anymore.

Be Active and you’ll Reap the Rewards

Good circulation is vitally important. You need to make energy. Energy is made by a fusion of Oxygen and Sugar inside the body. They meet each other because they’re both traveling on the same highway through your arteries. Problem is that when you’re sitting down for long periods, you’re compressing veins and arteries. So, these components of energy can’t travel as fast. Meaning they meet a little less quickly. If you want to know how to overcome fatigue from flu, then the answer is simple. Give these guys a helping hand by standing up straight and walking every hour. I know it’s hard with your fatigue, but good circulation will definitely help Stop fatigue.

Water and Hot Tea – Double Team your Flu.

Whenever anyone asks me how to overcome fatigue from flu, I always recommend water and tea. Why? Well because most people, without knowing it, become dehydrated while they have the flu. This happens because your body is using up all the fluids and Vitamins it has to fight the virus. Dehydration causes constant fatigue. Water not only hydrates excellently, but it also keeps that mucus nice and moist so that it doesn’t harden or clog up. Hot Tea completes this mission by making the Mucus thinner so the last of it comes out quicker.

Avoid Sugar

Not at all cost, but avoid eating more of it than usual. You need Sugar to create energy, but Sugar also depletes the immune system so too much Sugar might cause your flu virus to come back.

Final Thoughts

Some people are more prone to exhaustion after flu than others. I’ve heard of cases where people are constantly tired for up to 4 weeks after a flu virus. This how to overcome fatigue from flu article was for you guys so that your life can become a little easier. It was also for you. Yes you – You there sitting slumped on your chair trying to find a cure for your 2-day old post-flu fatigue. I’ve got your back. Do everything I’ve asked you to do here, and you’ll feel the benefits almost immediately. Most of them are pretty straight forward so you’ll be able to start right away. The Echinacea is available online, so give it a few days to arrive. Other than that, what are you waiting for? Go on, start getting rid of your constant tiredness right now. Before you go through, I thank you for reading.