Best Late For Work Excuses

Got pulled overGot pulled over

In your conscientious haste to get to work on time, you were pulled over by the cops for rolling through a stop sign or driving too fast! Your boss will even praise your effort for risking a ticket to get to work.

Call in on timeCall in on time

Be proactive and call your boss with your pyjamas on and let him know that you got up extra early today for a meeting with a consultant/grafic designer or ex-employee of a competitor company who was able to give some valuable information for your current project. Just tell him that it was a fantastic meeting and that you will now head for the office.

I am not lateI am not late

No no, you must have missed me cause I was not late into the building! Only late starting work… I helped a co-worker who had a hard time with the copy machine

I was going to call in sickI was going to call in sick…

“I puked 3 times in the night, so I was going to call in sick but then I got to feel a bit better and decided to come to the office and work on our urgent project… I must have eaten something bad yesterday!

Train delayTrain delay

The malfunction of our online alarm clock as a excuse is not a good idea because it will not happen – period! Traffic jam is also not a good excuse because the rush hour should be anticipated by you! A train instead follows a tight schedule so it´s not your fault. You were on time, the train was not!

Better not sayBetter not say…

“…sorry, but your wife insisted on making me breakfast.” Not a good idea!