9 Reasons On Why Do Products Need Labels

The label on any product plays a significant part in branding. A bottle labeling machine presents the bottled product attractively and spreads awareness about it. It is essential to increase the brand’s visibility and make it more desirable. While most luxury products have textured labels made out of premium paper with a textured finish, all labels help to present products in an eye-catching and informative way and quickly draw the customer’s attention. The sticker contains information about the product, which a customer would like to know before purchasing it.

Brand name

The brand name is prominently displayed on the label to help customers recognise the company that manufactured the product. It is an essential part of the label. Some customers are loyal to a particular company and show interest in buying products made by that company.

Product name

The product name is displayed in a bold format to be easily visible. Usually, it is accompanied by a brief description of the product for the customer. The product name helps the customer differentiate a particular product from other products made by a company.

Product content

All ingredients used for manufacturing the product are mentioned on the label. It helps customers know the list of ingredients in a product before buying it. Customers can find out if the product contains any allergy-causing ingredients.

Packaging size

Products are available in different sizes, and the packaging size is mentioned on the label. The packaging size mentioned on the sticker allows customers to know how much of a product they are buying. The weight or the volume of the product is mentioned on the label.

Product instructions

Most labels have instructions to guide people on how to use the product correctly and how much should be used at a time. It is to help people to get maximum benefits from using the product.


All labels have the product’s price, and it helps people know how much they are paying for a product. Customers can also compare the price of a product made by different brands and choose to buy one according to their preference.

Company contact information

Manufacturers print the company’s contact information on the label. It helps customers contact the manufacturer if they experience any issues with the product. It allows customers to send their feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of the product.


Product labels have a barcode with data about the product in a machine-readable form. Warehouses and shops use barcodes to track and identify their products. Barcodes are mainly found on products that are sold at a wholesale level.

Textured labelling

Textured labels make the customers see and feel the stickers. They are made using a unique printing technique that gives personality and depth to the stickers. Some stickers have a high gloss textured effect, and they catch the light and make the customer notice it. The manufacturers of FMCG products prefer textured labels because they can make their products stand out on supermarket shelves.

Labels are used to grab the attention of people. Attractive labels encourage potential buyers to purchase the product. It is also helpful in sharing information with the customers. Stickers promote a brand, motivate customers to buy the product, help shops sell the products, and protect the customers from avoiding fake products. Customers find out about the quality of a product before spending their hard-earned money to buy it.

Author:  Alison Lurie