6 Tips for Insomnia

Tips For Insomnia

Earplugs For Insomia1. Use earplugs

It´s amazing how much noise surrounds us every day and night and distracts the brain from relaxing fully! Try it out, you will be surprised how deeply you will sleep and how relaxed you will wake up in the morning. Just make sure that you set the volume of our online alarm clock to max!

Can´t sleep? Get up!2. Can´t sleep? Get up!

The worst you can do is lie awake and try hard to fall a sleep with thought like: “Oh man, I´m screwed tomorrow if I can´t finally fall asleep NOW!” If you don´t fall asleep for half an hour stop trying! Get up and do something calm and relaxing! Watching TV or reading a book is ok, but please not the latest horror shocker! Then set your online alarm clock and go to bed!

Relax Baby sleeping3. Relax Baby!

Body and mind are connected so it´s very hard for the brain to relax if your body is in a stressed out state! Take a warm bath, rub your stomach gently to help it digest your 4 course gourmet menu, breath deeply, do some yoga exercises, get a massage… What the heck, do whatever it takes to relax your body… Having s** with your partner or yourself is also allowed but set your online alarm clock before!

Don´t worry it´s all good4. Don´t worry it´s all good!

One of the biggest sleep killers is to turn problems over in your brain. Will my boss fire me tomorrow morning? Does my husband have an affair? And why in the world is there no off switch in my brain? Well one good way to stop this loop is to take a piece of paper and write down everything which worries you right at the moment After writing your sorrows down you will feel super relaxed and ready to travel to la-la-land. Of course you haven´t forgotten to set your online alarm clock before.

Limit your bed activities5. Limit your bed activities!

Your bed is a place to sleep ONLY (..well maybe with one exception)! But nothing else, you hear?! Working, watching TV, trading gossip on the phone, checking facebook, cross words, knitting and others are NOT allowed in bed! Let your brain identify bed with snoozing, slumbering and snoring only.

Cool fresh air6. Cool fresh air

Cool fresh air makes you tired and make the ideal climate for a personal fall out. Remember how difficult it is to sleep in a hot summer night? Too warm makes you toss and turn. Cool and fresh makes you sleep like a baby!