Time Travel: Theories, Paradoxes, and Possibilities

Old Antique Clock

Introduction Have you ever committed a grave mistake you wished you could take back? Its ability to go back to the past and have the chance to correct errors is one of the reasons why humans find the idea of time travel so intriguing. Many science fiction stories explore the idea of … Read more

The History of Timekeeping

Old Antique Clock

Introduction Humans have been keeping track of time with increasing accuracy for millennia, starting with sticks in the ground and progressing to caesium atomic clocks. One primary characteristic that makes us human is our capacity for measuring time. Time measurements have advanced from incredibly imprecise and crude to so precise that it … Read more

Picking a Mattress According to Your Sleep Position

A woman sleeping on a mattress

Picture this – you finally crawl into bed after a long day, but try as you might, you just can’t seem to drift off to sleep. The reason could be none other than your mattress. People often buy a mattress without considering their sleeping position, and that leads to sleepless nights for … Read more

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Cold at Night?

baby girl clothes

One of the most discomfiting facts about babies is that their bodies are not built to self-regulate temperatures. A temperature equivalent to or above 38°C (or 100.4°F) is considered a fever or overheating, thus increasing the baby’s risk to the sudden-infant-death syndrome. As a result, an effort to keep your baby cool … Read more

Tips to Fight Fatigue When Driving or Flying


Traveling can make you feel free, relax and happy by taking off your mind from routine chores and unavoidable responsibility, no matter if it is for work purpose or vacations. However, long flights or road trips can also make you really exhausted, especially if you are flying or driving the vehicle. This … Read more

Casinos Don’t Have Clocks and Here’s Why


Have you noticed how time flies when you are engaged in an interesting activity? It is quite common and happens mostly when you are in a good company, watching or playing games and having fun. The real-life example of this scenario is a physical casino – a place where you purposefully lose … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Candles

Woman holding the lighted candle in a glass container

A candle is a flammable wick embedded in a flammable solid substance such as tallow or wax to provide light. In some cases, candles are used for fragrance. A candle has been used in earlier times as a method of measuring time or for heat. The first candles were made from tallow … Read more

History of the Lantern Festival in the Philippines

History of the Lantern Festival in the Philippines 

In other countries, the Christmas season usually begins late in the November or in the start of December. However, when it comes to the Philippines; you will begin hearing Christmas melodies and start seeing decorated houses as early as September.  One of the widely used and most common decoration seen in the … Read more

How Has Kadooment Day Changed Over the Years

People at a festival

Crop Over, also known as Kadooment Day, began in Barbados as a traditional harvest festival. During slavery, it began on sugar cane plantations. The original Kadooment tradition was started in 1687 to mark the end of the annual harvest. With time, it spread throughout the region such as Jamaica, Trinidad, and St. … Read more