When to Seek Medical Help With Your Insomnia?

Sleep problems are quite common due to various reasons. Studies show that more people are suffering from Insomnia in the 2000s as compared to the 1900s. Being a problem that is increasing in the world day by day, it is important that one must seek medical attention for it, especially in a few cases when insomnia starts to affect you for the long term. 

What is Insomnia?

In simplest terms, Insomnia can be defined as a state where a person does not feel the need to sleep. They may feel tired but won’t be able to sleep or rest properly. The feeling of staying up constantly and not sleeping properly is known as Insomnia. It is considered one of the wide-scale problems in the United States. There are many possible causes of insomnia which include depression, emotional ups and downs, financial worries, improper routine, and others as well. In some cases, insomnia becomes out of control and can cause major risks to human health. Therefore, you should seek medical help for Insomnia. 

When to Seek Medical Help for Insomnia?

Regular Insomnia

If you were unable to sleep for just one or two nights because you were stressed, that is fine because it is a natural human response with the brain cells being highly active thereby not allowing for sleep. However, if the condition persists for a longer time, and you are unable to sleep properly, it indicates that you might be suffering from regular insomnia. This could become dangerous as rest is essential for the smooth functioning of the human body. 

There can be two cases of regular insomnia. One of them is when you are not able to sleep at all for days before having one session of sleep. The other case is that you are able to sleep but only for an hour or two before you wake up again. If one or both of the cases are occurring with you, it indicates that you have regular insomnia which is why medical assistance becomes quite essential. The condition of regular insomnia lasts for more than 3 weeks and in medical terminologies, it is known as chronic insomnia.

Consult a doctor if you are suffering from regular insomnia

Development of Psychological Issues

Insomnia and psychological issues are quite related to one another. Some people suffer from insomnia because they are facing different types of psychological disorders while other people suffer from psychological disorders because they have insomnia. In either of the two conditions, you should not neglect it because it will be making your life horrible and miserable with every passing second. 

In many cases, such as the death of a close person, a person may undergo stress and emotional breakdown. The emotional attachment to a particular matter or person may develop insomnia in them. The result is that the person is unable to move on in life as insomnia does not allow you to get out of the thoughts. Therefore, it is important that once insomnia starts to affect your mental health, you should consider meeting a psychiatrist who would help you overcome insomnia as well as the psychological issues associated with it. 

If a person starts to face psychological issues, he or she should visit a doctor

Physical Pain

In normal circumstances, people don’t face insomnia. It is only due to different types of chemical reactions or psychological issues that a person begins to have this condition. However, some people have said that it is physical pain that keeps them awake at night and they are not able to have a proper sleep. One of the most known conditions is jet lag where excessive traveling causes excruciating pain in different parts of the body. The uncomfortable sensation is what could keep you awake even if you want to sleep. 

In certain cases, people start to feel heartburn as well if they are unable to sleep properly. This can cause a problem with breathing too. When things go so bad that you start to experience physical pain, it is a major sign that you need to consult a doctor for treatment of insomnia. 

Physical pain with insomnia should be treated with medical care

When You Have a Baby

It is not common but new mothers may suffer from insomnia after the birth of their child. The mother’s health is quite important for the child’s health as well. If the mother feels restless and is unable to have a proper sleep schedule, she may have ups and downs in her mood which could affect the way she treats the infant. In case you have any dependents such as babies, and you start to feel a lack of sleep, you should consult a doctor before the condition worsens. 

New mothers could have hormonal changes leading to insomnia

When it Affects Your Work

Insomnia is fine to an extent if it is not interrupting your day-to-day work. This is because insomnia gets treated over time eventually. However, some people particularly have a hard time sleeping through the night. On the other hand, they feel sleepy during the day. If you have a morning job and you don’t feel sleepy at night, it will cause major problems for you at work. Your work output and performance will be negatively impacted. 

The lack of activeness at work may get noticed and you could face severe consequences as well. One reason why experts suggest that night sleep is essentially important is that it helps you stay fresh and running throughout the day.  If you feel that insomnia is affecting your work performance, or you feel tired during the day, visit a doctor and he will help you out in maintaining a better sleep schedule. 

Morning laziness is a sign of insomnia

Home Therapy Does Not Work

Before going to a doctor for any medical problem, many people simply start to do home therapy. This includes a series of techniques such as the use of essential oils and herbs as well as modifying their daily routine to try to sleep properly. Exercising regularly is also one method which is suggested to people as a home treatment for insomnia. However, in certain cases, home therapy does not work. 

This could indicate that there is a particular issue beyond the home treatment strategies which is not being addressed. It could also be something strong that requires treatment via medicines and steroids. Visit your doctor if you have tried out the home therapy for the treatment of insomnia and it has not worked. 

One of the best-known home therapies for sleep issues is Wheatgrass.

Consult a doctor for insomnia if home therapy does not work

Change in Environment

One of the leading causes of insomnia is when people change their environment. You may have heard from some people that they are unable to sleep unless it is their own bed. In short cases, such as a night stay at your friend’s place, it is fine. However, in long cases, such as immigration to another country, the change in environment would be more permanent. Adjusting according to the changing environment would become quite difficult and may lead to insomnia. 

For example, if you are moving from a Middle-Eastern country to a country like Canada, you will be experiencing a sudden change in the social environment, weather, climate, and various other aspects as well. This may cause a disruption in sleep cycles and patterns. If you don’t seem to adjust very well to this, the ultimate solution would be to have a change in the environment. 

Change in environments could cause insomnia


In case of any major accident, medical help is essential for the patients. This is one reason why people who suffer any major accident such as a car crash or a fire hazard do not face any long-term issues as they are treated medically on time. However, many people neglect to visit a doctor when they have had a minor accident. In certain cases, particularly if the body is sensitive and over-reactive, these minor accidents could put the body into a state of shock. 

Inflammation problems may increase which could be developing various issues including insomnia. Therefore, we recommend that you do not neglect any condition affecting your health, a few days after you have had an accident. In case you do, you are on a chance to face long-term insomnia. Seek medical attention ASAP!

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Talk to a doctor after you have had even a minor accident and can't seem to recover fully


Insomnia is one of the leading problems in America. Many studies have found out that about one in three Americans are facing any kind of sleep problem which is an alarmingly high probability. To make sure that you do not face any such kind of problems, it is important that you take notice of them on time. Insomnia isn’t bad in the short run as it gets treated itself. However, if it does not, you could be risking your health by not getting yourself treated medically.