Sunburnt Christmas

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, but Australia celebrates Christmas and shops for it differently. Every Christmas, Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia is packed with tourists as they celebrate the most anticipated holiday of the year. Christmas Day in Bondi Beach is celebrated as a music festival called “Sunburnt Christmas.”

Sunburnt Christmas is a Christmas celebration where people gather to enjoy music and have fun. About four thousand people, local and foreign, travel to one of the world’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia to celebrate Christmas with a blast. Sunburnt Christmas is celebrated as a summertime beach music festival with a Christmas theme.

Sunburnt Christmas

The Christmas music festival started back in 2002. It is celebrated during Christmas Day, December 25. The Sunburnt Christmas usually starts from two in the afternoon and lasts until ten in the evening.

Sunburnt Christmas is commemorated at Bondi Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Bondi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world and it is one of the most visited sites in Australia by tourists.

People travel to Bondi Beach during Christmas Day to celebrate Christmas with the newest and hottest music by two dozen talented artists from all over the world. Usually, the music festival has two dozen artists playing on three different stages. The three stages play different types of music. For example, during the 2013 Sunburnt Christmas, Scary Canary Stage played anything from Dance music to Electro music to Dub Step music. Propaganda Stage played anything from Indie to Rock to Pop. The last stage, the Pukka Up hosted the VIP Balcony and played the hottest house music all from the island.

The festival not only offers music, it also includes fun game activities such as beach volleyball, adult jumping castle, and giant slide. You can also visit their market stalls, fun fair, and an international food court where you can find different food from different countries. They also serve alcoholic beverages but the partygoers must not get too drunk or they will be refused to any service and will ask to be sent home early.

Since the Sunburnt Christmas music festival serves alcoholic drinks, partygoers are mostly composed of younger people. The festival is restricted to eighteen years old and above. Before you can enter the music festival grounds, an identification card must be presented first to ensure that you are at the right age.

They have a strict rule of no I.D. No entry. Bringing your own food and drinks are also not allowed inside. You can buy bottled water inside and the refills are free. Bringing of professional standard cameras or any recording equipment are also prohibited. If you would like to have a footage of your most unforgettable Christmas in Bondi Beach, you can check out all the action that happened on the internet. The music festival’s own recorded videos will be available on the web.

People attending the festival assembles in the beach wearing Christmas outfits. You can see partygoers wearing the traditional beach garb with Santa hat added on. Bikinis with red and white in color are also common to see. Clothes with fur on the rim is not a rare beachwear too.

Sunburnt Christmas is Australia’s largest Christmas Day festival at the world’s most famous beach. Create an experience to remember the Christmas Day at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia where Christmas is not just about gifts, it is about having fun – and making new holiday traditions – with your loved ones. Enjoy the moment of the most celebrated holiday of the year in the most beautiful beach with live music and entertainment!