Online Alarm Clocks and Timers Can be Very Useful Tools

It wasn’t so long ago in human history where having  clock at the center of the town was the best way to know the current time. The chimes would alert the current time.  And before that the venerable sun dial was the best way to see the passing of time beyond watching the sun and moon.   Additionally, you can get simple and reliable time calculator that is your best companion if you want to know the exact time taken by your daily tasks.

Even Plato had needed of a water alarm clock to wake him up on time for is famous lectures. Levi Hutchins Levi Hutchins, an American, is the first inventor of a mechanical alarm clock in the late 1700s.  There have even been some crazy alarm clock inventions such as John Muir’s Clockwork Desk and Bed.  The bed would start to slide him out of bed at the allotted hour and then his desk would start popping up books at specific time to be read.

Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.

Marcus Aurelius

Online Alarm Clocks
In our modern world time is everywhere.  Even the ubiquitous watch is nothing more than fashion now versus a needed accessory.  We have alarm clocks in our rooms, on our phones, on our digital watches and even our appliances.

One useful alarm clock is one that runs in your browser…  yes your browser.    Lets say your working you want to be reminded of something to do on your desktop.  You could set a reminder in your calendar and have it pop up – thats a pain.  You could reach to your phone and set a timer or a reminder – still a pain – you have stop  your flow and reach for another device.

What you can do is use an online alarm clock by simply opening one in your browser and with a couple clicks – you have an alarm or a timer set and ready to go.  What makes the online alarm clocks fun are all the options you can set.  Here are few cool features you can find:

Stop Watch

  • Play a Video – When the timer goes off a favorite YouTube video will play
  • Play Sounds – Pick from a library of sounds to play when the time goes off
  • Listen to Radio – Play an internet radio stream
  • Countdown Timer – Be notified in a specific time from now (e.g. remind me in 15 minutes)
  • Stop Watch – Time something quickly and keeping focused on your screen
  • Social Media Updates – With some online alarm clocks they will even do a Tweet or a Facebook post for you when the timer goes off.
  • Special Day Countdown – Track a date that you want to save and have a quick look at how many days away until the special day

Not only are these tools valuable on the desktop you can also run many of them on your phone and tablet as well.  If you have something you need to time, be reminded or track an online alarm clock can be a simple, fun and effective way to meet your needs.