How to put your free time to best use

Free time is a precious commodity. In today’s world, we seem to be so busy that a decent period when we can relax and do just what we want is a luxury that we all crave. However, downtime can come with its own pressures. It’s possible to waste those few hours worrying that you aren’t making the most of them. How do we escape this vicious circle to enjoy free time that is truly relaxing, satisfying and fulfilling?

Plan and schedule

Planning ahead for your free time may seem like the last thing you want to do. After all, if your time is already accounted for and regimented, then it’s hardly ‘free’, is it? However, careful planning, scheduling and research can help you make the most of every moment. Plus, you’re always free to change your plans at the last minute – it’s your time, after all!

The weekly bucket list

Many people have a bucket list of things they want to achieve or experience before they die, but how about having a realistic bucket list of things you want to do each week? This might include films or TV shows you want to see, books or articles you want to read, people you want to check in with, and more. Making lists of things you want to do with your free periods can stop you wasting time procrastinating or trying to remember what it was you were looking forward to!

Don’t forget to kick back and relax

In among all this planning, however, you shouldn’t forget to kick back and relax. We all need a break from stress, and constantly pushing ourselves to be productive or creative can have a detrimental effect on our mental health. Spend an hour or so at the best NJ online casino, where you can enjoy a wide range of casino games and sports betting while playing for real money. Don’t feel bad about losing yourself in some trashy TV or flicking through a glossy magazine – whatever it takes to help you unwind. If gambling is not you’re cup of tea, might as well try listening to this funny soundboard that will surely make you laugh at loud.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to get some perspective on your life and to feel like you’re in control, as well as being a worthwhile creative project in its own right. This could take the form of a photo journal of your travels or simply a diary of your day-to-day activities and thoughts. Journaling can be therapeutic and rewarding and is an excellent use of your free time.

Try something new

It’s easy to get caught in a rut and to retreat to the same tried-and-tested pleasures when we have time off. To combat fatigue and boredom, make an effort to try something new every once in a while. This can be beneficial to your mental health and keeps your brain engaged and active. If a new experience involves learning a new skill or area of study, then so much the better!

Whatever you do with your free time, try to make the most of it. Set an alarm for your day off, and try to have a clear intention for every hour you have free. To-do lists can be hugely helpful, but don’t forget that it’s your time, and the world is your oyster!