How To Cure Your Insomnia

Insomnia is a strange condition and for a long while, it baffled the medical establishment. Because, while its symptoms are clear (you can’t sleep), there’s no physical reason why you’ve got it. It’s not like a Virus or a Disease, that can be isolated and studied. It doesn’t have a DNA profile either. In other words, it doesn’t exist except you know it does. It’s common too.  Well, first we’re going to look at the cause.

One Trigger Event

There’s a moment. Among all the moments of your life, one event will impact your sleep. It could be losing your job, breaking up with a girl or boyfriend, someone close to you dying, or something small like mild stress. Whatever that event is your insomnia will quickly follow. That was your trigger event. One of the few things doctors know is that insomnia is always triggered by some form of stress.

Now, we said Insomnia was strange and the strangest thing is that your one trigger event could have happened to you before without leaving causing insomnia. It could have happened to other people millions of times all over the world, and in none of them, it caused insomnia. But for you, it did. How to cure your insomnia, you’ll be glad to know, isn’t as weird as how you got the condition itself.

How to cure your insomnia step one: Pinpoint your Event

What has recently happened to you? something stressful has occurred. Find that stressful situation and accept that this was the reason why your insomnia started.

The Lucky Ones

If you lost your job a week ago and you’ve had insomnia ever since then you probably could just find a new job and your insomnia would vanish. This is because you’ve got short-term acute insomnia caused by the interruption to your routine and if your routine is restored quickly with a brand new job, your insomnia will go. You’re one of the lucky ones reading this just after your insomnia hit. Now you know what caused it you’re going to take action to eliminate your trigger. That was a quick fix now wasn’t it?

The Unlucky Ones.

Your trigger event was a few weeks or months ago. You didn’t recognize it was a trigger event for insomnia so now you’ve developed some bad habits you’re not even aware of that have turned your acute insomnia into chronic insomnia. That’s right, If you’ve had it weeks or months it won’t just vanish when you eliminate your trigger event. Your waking habits which I’ll be discussing with you below, have given your insomnia a life of its own independent of your trigger event.



How to cure your insomnia step two: Waking Balance

Mobile Devices

Your phone, tablet, laptop or any other device must be turned off one hour before you go to bed. A massive 50% of us get in bed clutching one of these electrical items. These are stimulators, so they’re terrible for sleep in general. They’re also one of the bad habits people discussed earlier. People with early-stage acute insomnia can’t sleep so they pick up a mobile and play a game. Or they message with friends. They keep a device around the bed. It makes sense at first. It’s better than tossing and turning. But, using these has quickly turned your acute insomnia into a chronic case. How to cure your insomnia? Get rid of the electrical devices before bedtime.


Just after a trigger event causes insomnia, another common thing people turn to is drink. Not water, although I’d highly recommend it. But I’m talking about Alcohol. Particularly men do this. They think Alcohol makes them drowsy so have a few glasses of wine or cans of beer. before bed. Actually, alcohol increases the heartbeat and brain activity. So, you’ll find it even more difficult to enter true restful sleep. This is one of the most common habits that people with short term acute insomnia, post trigger event, end up taking on and causing chronic insomnia.


In Africa, they call it ‘Black Gold’. But, it’s a lump of Coal to people with insomnia. Maybe you’ve been drinking Coffee close to bedtime for a while. But now that your trigger event has caused you to have insomnia, and this has persisted for weeks or months it’s going to prevent you from getting back to sleep until you stop drinking it. Coffee is a major stimulant. It increases your heart rate and brain activity even more than Alcohol does. It should be your public enemy number 1.


Another thing people do post trigger event is multi-tasking. They do more than one thing at one time to try and wear themselves out. Like exercising while watching tv. Or working while eating. They want to do as much as they can so that when they hit the pillow they’re drowsy. Unfortunately, multitasking has been shown in numerous tests you produce adrenalin and increase brain activity. It’s a double whammy to your body. Before your trigger event, it might have been fine. But now it’s just sending your insomnia into overdrive.


Now, this is what you need to do. How to cure your insomnia? Cut out all that bad stuff and add in some stretches. Sportsmen use these to wind down after a game and you can use them too when winding down before bed. Stand up and stretch your arms out to the side. Then, roll your shoulders. Slowly does it. While you’re doing this breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Now stretch your body’s core by rolling your hips like you’re using a Hula Hoop. Do breathing once more. It’s the turn of your legs. Shake them one by one for 5 minutes. Then the breathing and you’re done. This will do the opposite of all the other stuff. It’ll slow your brainwaves and your heartbeat. You’re ready for sleep.

Condition your Brain

Very simple. Count in sevens up to 500. It’s not designed to make you better at Maths although it might. Nope, this activity has been the subject of recent psychological studies into the human brain and how it works. It’s been shown to relax your neurological world. And that’s what you want for sleep. It’s probably best not to do it aloud or at least tell family member the reason why you’re doing it first or they’ll think you’ve finally gone nuts.

How to cure your insomnia: Points to remember

Chronic insomnia is short-term acute insomnia made worse by bad habits. We’re cutting out those bad habits today. Put down the drink, unless its water or flavored juice. Relax, and do your stretches. Condition your brain to slow before sleep by counting in sevens. Don’t multitask. And, it doesn’t matter what amazing conversations you’ll miss on Facebook, you should never take your mobile devices to bed. Don’t even use them close to bedtime. I can guarantee that if you do all the stuff we’ve discussed in this article, you’ll see some improvement in your condition. Most of you will see a major improvement. Thank you for reading and God bless.