Causes and Treatment For Leg Fatigue

Leg Fatigue is very common. It’s common because we rely on our legs to hold up our whole body when we walk so they have to work hard. Pain in joints, inflammation, stiffness, and tiredness are all symptoms of leg fatigue and they can be debilitating. Leg Fatigue can, if untreated lead to such pain that sufferers cannot even walk. But that’s the bad news over. Here we’re going to look at both the causes and treatment for leg fatigue. You don’t have to be in pain all of the time. You can take your life into your own hands and make it better. Are you ready? Let’s go.

What Causes My Leg Fatigue?

Well, if you’re hurting all over your body including your legs, then it’s likely to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If this is the case then you should see your doctor about graded exercise programs and counseling. If just your legs are hurting, and this will be the case for the vast majority of you, then the two most common causes are poor circulation and overtraining.


There’s a reason why we’re told on planes to get up at least once especially during long-haul flights. It’s because inactivity causes circulation issues. Sitting down in one place for a few hours can lead to arteries becoming blocked and restricted blood flow. This leads to pain and discomfort, as well as stiffness in the joints which leads to more pain. If you have an office job and you need to sit down for most of the day, then the reason for your leg fatigue is most likely going to be poor circulation. Poor circulation can also be caused by dehydration and Smoking.


Smoking clogs up the arteries and damages the walls of blood vessels restricting blood flow even more than would normally be the case during periods of inactivity. This damage can result in heavy fatigue and pain in the legs.


The body needs a certain amount of water flowing through it in order to run at an optimum level. When you don’t have enough water, the first sign is a major lack of energy and tiredness. Then when Salt levels drop muscles begin to spasm and cramp and this causes pain.


Athletes get leg fatigue all the time because they train so hard. The brain is like a little computer inside your body. It controls your muscles by sending messages down to them. Move this way. move that way. When you train too hard this system of sending messages becomes over-worked and the messages get weaker before stopping completely. When this happens your muscles will seize up and pain receptors will send messages to the brain, at which point you’ll feel discomfort and fatigue in the legs.

Treatment of Leg Fatigue

Circulatory Fatigue

There’s no magical mystery cure for leg fatigue caused by bad circulation. You have to make lifestyle changes and then you’ll see your symptoms decrease. Of course, you could go to the doctor and get some painkillers but that’s not solving the problem now is it? Losing some weight will improve your circulation because overweight people have increased heart rates and higher blood pressure which puts significant stress upon the arteries. Blood flow is inhibited and blood takes longer to get around the body. So going on a diet will definitely see your pain decrease. It’ll also mean there’s less weight for your legs to carry around so you’ll stop fatigue and stop tiredness generally, not just in your legs.

Water and Salted Peanuts

Drink more water too. Water is the oil of the body. When it has enough water, everything else takes care of itself. As I mentioned earlier; when there’s not enough water your salt levels will drop and you’ll feel constantly tired. Your legs will become cramped and pain will follow. If you want to get rid of your leg fatigue and its effects quickly then you should carry around a bag of Salted Peanuts as well as drinking water. These will raise your Salt levels which were reduced by your dehydration and they also have lots of protein in them which raises energy levels.


This is the most important thing we look at when discussing the causes and treatment for leg fatigue. Most circulation issues are caused by inactivity. So be active. I’m not going to ask you to run marathons, but get up every hour and do some stretches or take a walk. Activity helps the blood flow around your body more efficiently. Exercise is even more important if you smoke because your blood flow is already inhibited so cut down on those cigarettes if you can.

Treatment For Leg Fatigue Because Of Overtraining:

All of the above applies here too and you could add on top of these a diet full of oily Fish and Vegetables. Oily fish has Omega 3 inside which boosts the circulatory system and the muscle fibers. Vegetables are full of nutrients which provide energy and help your blood flow. But most all, don’t train so hard. You’re clearly overdoing it and it’s causing you to suffer pain. Work out an exercise regime that benefits your body instead of destroying it.

Final Thoughts

So these were the causes and treatments for leg fatigue. 75% of cases are caused by bad circulation or overtraining and there are, as you’ve read here, simple ways in which you can relieve yourself of this muscle pain. Water helps maintain Salt levels so if you have bad circulation then drink some water and eat some Salted Peanuts. It’ll raise you right back up. Exercise regularly, especially at work when you might usually spend hours sitting down. This’ll help with your blood flow and it’ll keep your weight down. which will take some of the stress off your arteries. Quit smoking and eat your greens. Follow these rules and you’ll be free of pain in no time. Thank you for reading.