Casper or Tulo: Which One is Better?

Casper and Tulo are two of the most popular mattress brands in the market. Both claim to offer the best mattress for people, but customers often wonder which is the better brand of the two. In general, both offer a high level of comfort, firmness, support, and packaging, which ca make it a bit confusing to choose from either of these brands. This post contains a detailed guide of the two brands and some popular products for each. We hope it can help you decide better.

An Overview

Let’s begin with an overview of the two brands, Tulo vs Casper.

Tulo Casper
Affordable and comes under a budget Both affordable and pricey options
Suitable for all small to medium body weights Supports all body weights

More comfort options in all-foam

Great edge support
Suitable for all sleeping positions Suitable for all sleeping positions
Highly durable for small to medium sleepers Highly durable, for up to 15 years

Tulo Mattresses

In Tulo, you will find a comfortable mattress with different layers. Let’s break it down to describe each layer of a Tulo mattress.


Tulo has a 5-layer construction that makes the mattress up to 10 inches thick. The knitted mattress cover is made of Tencel and polyester materials and is very soft to touch. The first layer under this cover is made of memory foam and is very dense. High density helps to keep you comfortable as your body comes in contact with it each night. 

A cooling memory foam layer comes after the first layer, and it is very breathable. Then there is a layer of responsive foam which performs the function of comfort and balance. Responsive foam helps in maintaining the longevity of your mattress. The last layer of a Tulo mattress has the densest foundation foam which is 4 inches thick. This foam keeps all the layers in shape and distributes weight. 

Firmness and Support

Tulo mattresses are available in three firmness levels. You can pick from soft, medium and firm based on the requirement of your body. 

  • The soft mattresses relieve pressure on your body, especially in the neck and hips. Side sleepers will love the feel of these models
  • Medium firm mattresses is a perfect blend of soft and firm, so it should be the pick of people with mixed sleeping positions
  • Firm mattress provides support to the full body. Back sleepers and people with back pain issues will find this firmness level most suitable

Support is a main area of focus in the Tulo brand. From the top layer to the third, the foam layers are highly resilient and responsive. You will not feel stuck up or stiff in the morning, because the mattress will keep dispersing pressure from your body overnight. Rest of the layers is constructed with different firmness levels based on your requirement.

Trial & Warranty

Most Casper mattress variants come with a 100-night free trial and a warranty. Customers who arent’ satisfied with the features or performance of the mattress can get a refund by returning it within 100 days. Returns and free shipping is available, and the mattresses ship in a compressed box. 


Casper mattresses usually arrive at the customer’s door in a “blue and white box.” Their weight can be heavy, so you may need a helping hand. The first step is to place the mattress where it needs to be. Pro tip: move it while it’s in the box rather than unpacking and moving it. Once it’s in the desired position, unpack the mattress, remove the plastic cover, and take advantage of Casper’s comfort.  

Temperature regulation

Tulo has designed the top memory foam layers with Titanium properties and ‘Cool Flow’ technology. These layers built in ‘peak and valley’ design maintain consistent airflow around and under your body. Therefore, Tullo ensures that it gives comfort to hot sleepers by keeping it cool.

Hot Seller: Tulo Comfort Sleep

Tulo’s most popular model is Comfort Sleep, which comes in three firmness options. The support and comfort layers in this mattress are blended with Titanium. Cool Flow technology keeps each layer ventilated and perfect for hot sleepers. Customers love this model because of its responsiveness as well as price which starts from $399 (twin) till $499 (King and Cal King). 

Casper Mattresses

Casper is a big player in the mattress industry, with a high profile of customer satisfaction. It is one company that has provides a variety of mattress choices to its customers. Let’s start with the layers in a Casper mattress.


There are all-foam and hybrid mattresses made by this brand. The original, award-winning model is loved and bought most by Casper’s customers. This product is great for all types of sleepers and contains a mattress cover made of polyester blend. There is a breathable top foam layer followed by a pressure-relieving foam layer for maximum support. 

The next layer is Casper’s magic layer, which provides body-conforming properties and cushions your body all night. After the pressure-relieving layer, there is a zonal support foam layer. It targets all pressure points of your body, like hip, neck, shoulders and back. In the hybrid version, Casper adds a layer of 7-inch coils for added support. A firm foam layer comes after the coil layer and gives shape and support to the entire mattress. These two layers are only available in the hybrid models. 

Firmness and Support

Because there are all-foam and hybrid versions, you can choose for the support level you require. In Casper, you have more options for support and relief. If you want a thick mattress, go for the hybrid. If you want a foam mattress, go for the all-foam version. Hybrid versions in Casper are medium to firm while all-foam versions are softer. Both types are loved by customers. Individually wrapped coils, zonal support and edge support are some qualities that set this company apart from others in the market. 

Temperature regulation

All mattresses by Casper contain open cells, which mean there are open pores in each layer. These pores do not let you get warm at night and ventilate profusely. While other foams trap heat and trouble hot sleepers, Casper mattresses do the opposite by allowing the excess heat to escape.


Like Casper, Tulo mattress also arrived in a sturdy, well-packed box. Someone from the company will come with an orange and white that weighs around 80-90 lbs. This can make the box challenging to move so you may need to call a neighbor or friend for help. Follow the same approach as with Casper, moving the mattress while it’s in the box, and then remove the cardboard and plastic to bring it to life. 

Trial and Warranty

Like Caspter, Tulo also offers a free trial and a warranty on its mattresses, but the trial period is 120 days in total. Within this time frame, you can test the features and comfort level of the mattress to determine whether or not a return would be necessary. Plus, there’s no fee for shipping. 

Hot Seller: Casper Essential

The Casper Essential is one of the best and most trusted products in the market. It is an all-foam mattress that suits back and combination sleepers. It is the cheapest bed from Casper, costing around $790 apiece for the Queen size. 


The most difficult thing to decide between Casper and Tulo – two of the leading mattress brands in worldwide, is which brand is better. To help you make a final decision, we have two questions. 

  • What kind of mattress do you need?
  • What is the level of comfort that you require?

When you answer these questions, you will realize that no mattress is similar to the other. Therefore, you make the choice based on your individual requirements, the brand only fulfills that requirement.