Best Places to Visit on a UK Touring Holiday in the Midlands

Although the Midlands may not always bethe first travel spot you think of for both tourists and locals in the UK, that said the area still offers a variety of sights and views to make the journey worthwhile. These are a few of the best and most beautiful locations that you can visit in the Midlands either by backpacking or enjoying a great vehicle from Campervan Hire UK on your trip.


corn field in Leicestershire

Considered as a great place for families to go, Leicestershire is filled with fun attractions that both kids and adults will love. These attractions include the Twinlakes Park, which houses a theme park and a zoo, Archery Legends, where people can test their archery skills, and National Space Centre; the only museum in the UK that focuses on space and heavenly bodies.

Besides these interactive and enjoyable parks and museums, Leicestershire also offers several historical landmarks that are important to British history, such as the 1620s House and Garden; a fully-furnished house that let’s take a look at what it looks like to live during the 17th century, the King Richard III Visitor Center; which showcases the story of King Richard III’s life and death, and the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre; a historical site that serves as a memorial to the end of The Wars of the Roses.


Lincoln is deemed as the “UK’s most underrated city break,” because of how beautiful it looks despite not having a lot of visitors. There are dozens of sights to see in Lincoln, but some of the notable ones are the Lincoln Cathedral; which hosts a Tower Tour where you can be taken to the top of the tower for a better view of Lincoln, the Lincoln Castle, the remains of a castle that serves as a stronghold during medieval times, and Steep Hill; a magnificent road that is truly Instagram-worthy.

Along with these vintage-looking locations, Lincoln also has modern buildings and establishments that you can visit, and these are the Brayford Waterfront and the International Bomber Command Centre. There is also a museum called The Collection, where you can see archeological and historical artefacts inside.


cathedral in Nottingham

Some tourists may say that Nottingham is an obscure location because not a lot of people visit the place, but you may be missing out on wonderful tours and attractions if you don’t visit Nottingham anytime soon. The most popular tourist attraction in the town is the Robin Tour, wherein Ezekiel Bone, the ambassador during the 2016 VisitBritain campaign, is dressed and acts like Robin Hood while he takes you on a tour around the notable locations in Nottingham.

During the tour, Robin Hood may allow you to visit Green’s Windmill, a structure built by scientist George Green’s father in 1807, and serves as a historical landmark for the town. Despite being badly damaged in 1947 due to fire, the government in Nottingham tried their best in restoring the windmill in pristine condition because of how important it is for them and their people. The tour may also go to Sundown Adventureland, where kids can enjoy animal-themed rides.  Be sure to check out Cornish Secrets St Ives as a great option as well.


cathedral in Northhamptonshire

A town filled with both historical and modern attractions, Northamptonshire is a great destination for tourists who wanted a little bit of everything in one single location. Northamptonshire has historic Houses, like the Canons Ashby, the Boughton House, the Althorp Burghley, and the Rockingham Castle, and the town also parks, such as the Brampton Valley Way and the Brixworth Country Park.

The most notable building in Northamptonshire is the museum designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh that houses the biggest collection of shoes in the world. For visitors to experience calmness and peace, there is the Abington Park that has a beautiful view of the lakes around Northamptonshire.


Birmingham river

Birmingham is arguably the most popular tourist spot in the Midlands, not only because it the easiest place to go to if you are in London, but because there are so many buildings and sites that you can go to in the place regardless if you are a kid or a young adult who loves the nightlife.

For kids and parents, they can visit the Birmingham Science Museum, which has more than 200 hands-on displays from steam engines to robots. The museum has a Science Garden that kids can visit to learn more about botany, and there is also a Planetarium where they can look at stars and heavenly bodies in closer detail. For buddies or groups of friends, they can go to Lane 7, a bowling alley that serves drinks and lets visitors play not only bowling but also shuffleboards, beer pong, and retro arcade machines. For tourists or locals who want to know more about the history of Birmingham, there is the Jewellery Quarter wherein 40% of diamond rings and other accessories in the UK are made.


Warwick Castle

Another well-known destination in the Midlands, Warwick has amazing gardens, rivers, and houses that are truly stunning to look at in pictures or videos. The most famous attraction in Warwick is, of course, the Warwick Castle, which was once the home of the royal family. Today, visitors are now allowed within the premises of the castle to see one of the largest catapults in the world, as well as the beautiful gardens surrounding the structure.

Tourists will also be able to stay at Warwick by booking a day or night at the Knight’s Village, wherein they can also look at the wonderful historical artefacts preserved from medieval times. In addition to the Warwick Castle, the location also has the Warwickshire Museum, the Mill Garden, the St. John’s Museum, and the Collegiate Church of St. Mary.

Those are six of the most popular destinations in the UK’s Midlands, and these ones are typically the easiest ones to go to if you are coming from London. If you are the adventurous type, you may want to go for a road trip on other places that are not mentioned above, such as Derbyshire and Rutland, and see if these places have interesting buildings and landmarks.