Best Foods To Overcome Fatigue

You need: Proteins, Fibre, Sugar, Vitamins, Nutrients, and Antioxidants in your diet to be able to fight off chronic fatigue.

Your body needs the properties of certain foods to create energy. Without these properties, you’ll quickly become fatigued and you’ll find yourself tired and sleepy all the time. I’m talking about stuff like Proteins, Fibre, Sugar, Vitamins, Nutrients, and Antioxidants. The good stuff. And, the more of these you have inside of you, the more energy your body will be able to produce. So if you want your body running like a well-oiled machine again, then you need to start eating foods with those properties in. But what foods are they? What are the best foods to overcome fatigue? And, more importantly, how can you fit these into your diet without even noticing the change? You got it, this is no mere list of power foods. I’m also providing recipe suggestions so you’ll be able to slot these amazing energy creators into your diet like a coin in a slot machine. I’m pumped right now. I’m ready to go. Let’s overcome our fatigue.

Numbers one, two and three

What’s great about the first three foods on our list is that you can consume them together in the morning for a great breakfast. And boom, you’re done. You’re set up for the day. Congratulations on the terrific start and you’ll feel the energy boost immediately. Put the Strawberries and the Bananas into a blender and sprinkle the Chia Seeds on top. Then down the hatch, this thing goes. If you don’t have a Blender, get some Oatmeal that is high in Fibre and have the Strawberries, Bananas and Chia Seeds with it.

How Good is This Thing For me? It’s like sex for the bloodstream. Read the details.


These are packed with Vitamins C and K. They also have tons of Antioxidants which preserve Cells whose job it is to release energy into the body. And a few minerals too.


Full of Potassium which lowers blood pressure and is great for the muscles. They also have Fibre and Vitamin B6 inside. B6 helps your body store energy and Fibre smooths over the running of your digestive system which enables your body to process into the bloodstream the maximum amount of the good stuff food contains

Chia Seeds

These are on any list of the best foods to overcome fatigue because they’re packed with Iron to carry oxygen through the blood. They also have our friends Fibre and B6. Plus Calcium which strengthens your bones. On top of these, they have Magnesium which is great at relaxing the heart rate and stabilizing your blood Sugar level.

11 am and You’re Starving

Yer me too. But believe it or not, you can eat a healthy diet and never be hungry. This is not about going without. It’s about enjoying food too. Which brings us to numbers four and five on our list of best foods to overcome fatigue. Chocolate and Nuts.


See, it wasn’t a typo. A recent study at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK has shown that Chocolate was eaten mid-morning doesn’t raise the blood Sugar levels all that much. And, within an hour Sugar levels return to normal. Stick to Milk Chocolate though.


Guess what? These have our friend Fibre in them. Remember that Fibre helps your digestive system retain the maximum amount of all the Nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidants present in food. Without Fibre all that good stuff would be flushed down the toilet. Almonds also have Vitamin E inside which improves the skin and Calcium which strengthens the bones. So they’re one of the best foods to overcome fatigue.

Who doesn’t like stuffing their face with Chocolate and Nuts? As long as you don’t eat too much this is a great snack at 11 am. And you thought this is going to be tough? There’s nothing tough about eating healthy when you know how.
But wait. It gets better

Time For Lunch – Burger and Fries anyone?

You’re suffering from a lack of energy, constant tiredness, and fatigue. Bet you never thought you’d see Burger and Fries on the best foods to overcome fatigue list. Well, I used to suffer from fatigue and I thought that too. But now I eat these lovely foods three times a week and I’m not stopping for anyone. How do I do it and remain pumped up and full of energy? Well, numbers six and seven on our list require a few tricks of the healthy eating trade.

The Bun

Whenever I get a McDonalds or other fast foods I switch out the bun for a wholemeal bun I bought from a store. They come dirt cheap in packs of six. Wholemeal means Fibre and good Carbs. White buns at fast food joints are just slow burning starch that clogs up the arteries.

The Fries

Find a place that sells Sweet Potato Fries and mix them in with the fries you got from the fast food place. They have B Vitamins which make your energy production more efficient and they also balance out your blood Sugar.

Number 8 – Add Salad with Black Beans

Eat your Greens. A little side salad will give you that added boosts of nutrients and antioxidants, which kill Bacteria and boost your energy further. Put some Black Beans on that salad too. They have slow-burning Carbs which provide energy and the Protein inside will make you feel full up.

With these changes, we can still eat the best foods to overcome fatigue and keep ourselves happy at the same time.

Afternoon Snack – best foods to overcome fatigue numbers nine and ten

Beef And Watercress Sandwich on Wholemeal Bread

Beef contains Iron which carries Oxygen through the blood until it fuses with Proteins, Carbs, Vitamins, and Minerals to form energy. Watercress contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Also Magnesium which is great for the heart. Switch out the Watercress for Spinach if you want. It does the same thing.

Fish And Watercress Sandwich

Omega-3 rich Fish like Mackerel or Salmon will fuel your joints, and ease your constant tiredness. Sometimes called oily fish, they literally oil up your bones and joints so they feel stronger.

Evening Meal

We’re going to work the best foods to overcome fatigue into our favorite meals for numbers eleven, twelve and thirteen

Chicken Caesar Salad with Cauliflower

Chicken has lots of Iron inside and to Complement the nutrients you’re getting from the greens, add thinly sliced raw Cauliflower. This will give you three times the Potassium and twice the Vitamin B6 that you’d get if the Cauliflower was cooked.

Pork and Apple sauce with Broccoli 

The Pork is high in Protein which is the building block of blood. While the Broccoli keeps your bones healthy as well as providing lots of Antioxidants.

Add Peas to a Basic Everyday Carbonara

Pea’s contain tons of Vitamin B which we discussed earlier so they’ll give you a huge amount of energy. In fact, the Vitamin B content in Pea’s is so high you can add them to any of your favorite meals. Just like that, you’ll see an improvement in your lack of energy because you’re eating one of the best foods to overcome fatigue

Number Fourteen – Dessert

Have some Ice cream with Cacao. Cacao has the highest amount of Magnesium per serving of any food. So, it’ll help your metabolism of the food you’ve already consumed.

Final Thoughts

See, it’s not that difficult at all to stop fatigue and stop tiredness. You just finished your day eating the best foods to overcome fatigue and you didn’t have to throw out your lovely Burgers or your Chocolate. It’s about making a few slight changes and incorporating a few new additions into your diet. The foods I’ve listed here will make all the difference to your energy. Thank you for reading.