All You Need to Know About Music Supervision in Australia

A music supervision company deals with the music department of TV and film. The company helps you to choose and authorise music for your content. From freelancers to project-based workers, many do the job. But consulting a famous music-supervision company that has worked on acclaimed projects is the most helpful. So, if your band or project is settled in the Caribbean, then finding a music supervisor in Australia is the best option.

Who Needs a Music Supervisor and Why?

The Local and International Law Management for Intellectual Property

In 2021, 2,996 intellectual patents were filed in Australia, and 1,092 were granted. 53,339 applications were filed for Trademarks, and 40,307 were granted. Also, the law for intellectual property varies from country to country. Nowadays, your content will eventually reach overseas. So, keeping your intellectual property safe on an international level is a must. And that is only possible with the help of a music supervision company. So, as a creative person, you lack time and energy to lose on legal aspects. Hence, focus on your work and leave the legal aspects to the company.

Capturing the Visual Feel of the Content

The feel of an action drama is different from a horror film. The background and original score help visual content reach its full potential. A qualified music supervision brand will help you with the mood board of your show. And if the feel of the show and the score seem disconnected, it can cause your content to fail. So, these companies have everything from unreleased tracks of critically-acclaimed composers to hidden gems. Hence, it is almost impossible to go wrong if you are under far-sighted supervision.

Negotiating and Authorising Music

From Sia to Keith Urban, Australia is full of musical prodigies who have captured the hearts of the world. But most are unaware of the tiresome legalisation of intellectual property. Circumnavigating the labyrinth of rights holders to music authorisation is tedious when you want an original score for your content or use old music. Meanwhile, recreating old songs or tunes has been beneficial for most content. But the length one has to go for negotiation or authorisation of these scores will boggle your mind.

Helping With the Vision of the Producer and Director

If you are a director or a producer with a specific vision for your TV show, film or web series, you should consult a music supervision company. The company will help you with their idea and samples because they are doing it daily. Meanwhile, going to a music supervision company is like visiting a library because they have a massive collection of data that will help you with your ideas and vision.

Management of Royalties

From Spotify to iTunes, music is a multi-billion industry. You will be shocked that Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” might be an instant chartbuster, but 90% of the songwriting royalties go to Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers. “7 Rings” uses a popular tune from the world-famous musical, The Sound of Music. Hammerstein II wrote the lyrics, and Rodgers composed the music for The Sound of Music decades ago. Likewise, the complication of royalty management will taste your patience. So, it is better to leave the responsivity to the music supervision company.

Fortunately, Australia takes legal service seriously and saves people from hassle and worry. So if you want proper legalisation of your musical content, contact a renowned music supervisor in Australia to help you. Nevertheless, for a creative person, losing intellectual content is an incomparable catastrophe.

Author:  Alison Lurie