5 Best Trick Plays for Youth Football

Trick plays provide excitement and can help you win a football game. They are usually playing unorthodox and deception tactics to fool opponents. These plays usually go against opponents’ expectations and wisdom. To win a football game, you need not use these plays all the time as the opposing team will know your tactics. If you know the game, the tricks and the teams, you can wager on the best team on a safe online betting platform like UFABET to earn a little extra something by showing your love to your favourite team! Below are some of the best trick plays for youth football.

The Halfback Pass Trick Play

The half is quite similar to a normal running play. However, with this trick play, the running back, RB, has to pass the ball to someone before crossing the imaginary line of scrimmage. The opposing team will be fooled that the running back is attempting a run. As a result, the linebackers will abandon their defense responsibilities and pursue the running back. The ball receiver is left uncovered and can easily score a goal. If the ball receiver is not open, the running back can decide to run the football instead of risking an interception. You need to practice this trick play before using it. Below are other things that you need to note when it comes to this trick play.

  • As the running back, you need not show the defensive team that you are going to pass the ball. You can achieve this by running like you are going outside before passing the ball.
  • You also need to run toss at least two times before you toss pass.

The Hook and Lateral Trick Play

The hook and lateral trick play is a good desperation strategy that you can use at the end of a football game. When it comes to this trick play, a split-end receiver runs a small distance down the football field to receive a pass from another player, usually the quarterback. Another split-end receiver runs at full speed behind the quarterback. The player with the ball then hands it to the split end receiver running at full speed. The split end receiver who receives the ball runs in the opposite direction of the other split end receiver.

Defenders are likely to get out of position when you use this trick play. Most of them will run in the same direction as the original ball receiver. By the time the defenders react, the split end receiver with the ball will be long gone.

The Reverse Pass Trick Play

A reverse pass trick play starts as an end-round, bootleg, or sweep play. However, before the player carrying the ball crosses the imaginary line of scrimmage, he passes the ball to another player. The ball receiver is usually a split-end receiver running in the opposite direction of the ball carrier.

Before the ball is passed, most of the defensive team players will be running in the same direction as the original ball. Therefore, the ball receiver is likely to outrun the defenders after receiving the ball. This ball receiver can decide to pass the ball to another teammate after getting past the defense.

The Rollout Throwback Trick Play

The rollout throwback trick is one of the top flag football plays. This trick play uses misdirection and deception to gain an advantage during a football game. For instance, you can use it to get an extra score or ball possession.

The rollout throwback trick play makes the defense team players run in a certain direction, making them vacate a particular side of the field. Once they vacate this side of the field, the running back should run a fade to this side of the playing field.

The Statue of Liberty Play

The statue of liberty play is a top flag football play. This trick play greatly helped Idaho State football players when they were playing with Oklahoma Sooners players in 2006. It requires an offensive team player to run behind the quarterback, acting as if he is staying in block. On the other hand, the quarterback should bring the ball to a throwing position and pretend to throw the ball. Instead of throwing it, he should hand it over to the team player behind him.

If you are a football player or coach, you need to know at least two trick plays. These trick plays will help gain an advantage during football games. For instance, they will help you get extra scores or ball possession. Some of the tricks play that you should try include the statue of liberty, the rollout throwback, and the hook and lateral trick plays.