Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens: The Traditional Way of Making Pizza

Though most pizza makers are using exclusively gas heaters for preparing pizzas because of their increased efficiency, a wood-fired pizza oven is a way to go if you are looking for authentic tasting pizza with flair and authenticity. For most pizza startups wanting to get into the market, one of the most crucial things is having brand recognition. Right? So to carve your niche in the pizza industry, you may start looking for a commercial wood fired pizza oven for sale online.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are referred to as wood ovens as they use wood as fuel for cooking. Besides being efficient and economical, owning a wood-fired pizza stove offers many benefits. And here are some of them; read on!

It Offers Higher Cooking Temperatures

Heat is radiated from the wood fire, spreading around the oven. Ultimately, it gets absorbed by the oven’s walls and the dome evenly. And as the pizza stove gets hot inside, the temperatures rise between 570 degrees to 660 degrees, thus creating the best environment for making a good pizza.

Better Crust

Pizza aficionados love the crispy, chewy crust of pizza, and this is what you can get from a wood-fired oven. The high temperatures, radiant heat emanating from the fire and heat bouncing off inside the oven’s walls help to crisp the pizza very quickly while keeping the moisture of the dough inside sealed. This also helps prevent the dough’s base from becoming soggy and results in a flavourful crust that is puffy yet chewy and soft.

Faster Cooking Time

The presence of high heat stored within the oven’s walls allow the wood oven to cook pizza very fast. And it will take around 2-3 minutes to cook a pizza when the oven is preheated. This means a wood-fired pizza stove can be highly economical, especially if you have to make many pizzas.

 Give a Unique Flavour

Wood-fired ovens are the favourite choice of pizza lovers because they impart a unique smoky flavour that cannot be reproduced in a regular kitchen oven. Also, the high temperature of these ovens tends to offer many flavours that cannot be achieved using slow cooking.

Hopefully, these benefits of wood-fired ovens have enticed you to look for a commercial wood fired pizza oven for sale for your business. However, after purchasing one, you will have to operate it properly. So to help you with that, here are some tips for using the oven as effectively as possible.

Learn the Basics: Though you don’t need to learn every single aspect of the functioning of the pizza oven, you should have a general understanding of how the wood-fired oven works. You need to infuse enough heat onto the cooking surface and the oven’s dome structure so that the heat is distributed across the stove components and maximises the effectiveness of the pizza’s cooking.

Prepare the Oven Before Using It: Before preparing the pizza in the oven, you would need to cure your oven; that means you need to prepare it for cooking. And preparing your stove will include removing the excess water from the pizza stove. But make sure you do it properly and slowly; otherwise, you may negatively affect your oven’s cooking capability and reduce its lifespan.

Prepare the Right Tools for Start a Fire in Your Stove: Gather the right tools for putting your oven to work by starting a fire in it. For this, you would need 1-2 fire starters (odour-free and non-toxic, preferably), 2-3 pieces of hardwood and about eight sticks of dry kindling, or you can use a butane torch to ignite. Either method can help start a fire in the oven effectively and prepare it for making your favourite pizza recipe.

If you follow these tips mentioned above, your pizza oven will offer you fantastic cooking results, and you will surely love your new acquisition.

Author:  Alison Lurie